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When it comes to makeup, college girls know how to splurge. But we also know how to be on a budget, and in that spirit we know that one easy way to do this is to buy generic. While some makeup is essential to buy organic, because we use these products on our face and around our eyes daily, there are certain essentials that are perfectly safe to buy generic from your local drugstore.


Nail polish remover

Disclaimer: though you can buy this product generic, it is still important to check the list of ingredients and don’t go too cheap. If you get a too-cheap-to-be-true nail polish remover it could contain harmful chemicals that could destroy your nails over a longtime use. But with that said, a moderately priced generic nail polish remover that is safe still packs the same punch that a brand name nail polish remover will, and is often sold in greater quantities.


Body wash

Buying off-brand body wash is a great way to safely shave off a few bucks in your beauty haul – just make sure that if you have sensitive skin to always investigate the listed ingredients. As long as a certain combination of ingredients doesn’t have a patent, any company can use the same combination for their own set price, which will be must smaller than most brand names!


Body lotion

While brand name luxurious scented body lotions are great, many contain overpowering scents that fight with perfumes and can irritate skin in sensitive areas, like your bikini line, after you shave. Off-brand body lotion still contains all of the necessary moisturizing agents, and often come scent-free so that you don’t have too many notes fighting for attention.


Cotton products: cotton balls, cotton swabs, cotton pads

This is a great generic beauty product that you will want to buy cheaply because of how quickly they can run out. Generic brand cotton products are just as effective when it comes to applying or removing makeup, and any other beauty need in between. Since these products have a one-time use, buying generic is an easy way to buy in bulk without breaking the bank.



What do you think?

What products do you buy generic? Are there any products you want to add to this list? Leave us a comment below!




  1. avatar FashionLover92 says:

    totally agree with ruchi750

  2. avatar ruchi750 says:

    none of these things are makeup essentials….

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