This is my first review on Every College Girl, and I’m not sure how regularly reviews will be featured on the site, but I really felt compelled to review this particular product only because I read a lot of mixed and misleading reviews online before buying and trying it myself. If you want to hear about my experience and opinion, read on:

The Hype

My eyes don’t seem to hold makeup very well. They water irregularly, and I have generally oily skin that includes the eye area, so regular eye makeup smudges, flakes, and dissolves very quickly. Whenever I read a makeup tutorial that includes lining your waterline, I roll my eyes because I know any product applied there will last a total of 10 minutes (no exaggerations, unfortunately). My eyes, and the skin around them, are not particularly sensitive; in fact, they seem to withstand above-normal wear and tear, but for some reason the makeup just doesn’t stick. So, I went online bound and determined to find a liquid eyeliner that would stay in place no matter what. I found several recommendations for GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner. Here are some of the claims I read (and heard from the sales clerk when I finally went in to buy my own):

  • “It’s impossible to take off”
  • “I can leave mine on for 3 days without any change”
  • “Some people use it to touch-up faded tattoos because it lasts for weeks”
  • “As close to permanent as you can get without a needle”
  • “I even use it as nail polish”

These comments were exciting, but also scary. Would it really never come off? Was I going to do serious damage to my skin just trying to remove it? I decided to find out.

The Experience

I bought a tube of black GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner, brought it home, and tested it on my leg to see if it would come off with eye makeup remover (I let it dry for about an hour, and it came off, but only with intense scrubbing). Then…it sat in my makeup case for a month because I was terrified to use it. Finally, my family’s annual pool party came and I decided to take the plunge.

Amazingly, it worked. I was in and out of the pool all day, and even rubbing and drying my eyes, and the eyeliner didn’t budge. I was excited, but scared that it would be very hard to remove. However, the next morning (I fell asleep without washing my makeup off! Cardinal sin!) I noticed the liner was starting the flake off! Inspired, and recalling the information I read online, I ran to the kitchen to grab a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Using a Q-tip dipped in the oil, I gently traced around my eyes and…voila the liner came off, just like any other!

The Verdict

I’m thoroughly impressed with this product purely because it didn’t live up to all its hype. If it was really as difficult to remove as people insisted, I probably wouldn’t want to keep using it. However, the day-long swimming may have helped break the makeup down, and it might be a little trickier to remove after a night of partying on dry land. Still, I would recommend this eyeliner to any girl who has trouble keeping eyeliner on, or has found that other “long-lasting” and “waterproof” eyeliners simply don’t deliver. This eyeliner really doesn’t budge, and it’s not impossible to remove either. The perfect combo for a beauty-must have.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner? Would you recommend it? What are your favourite waterproof eyeliners? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. avatar Irlanda says:

    Has anyone tried using this product on their waterline? Mac Liquid Last and Milani Infinite were the only 2 that ever worked for me. Others with felt tips would burn and cause my eyes to water more (I know they’re not meant for the waterline). Well as it turns out, MAC discontinued all of their colors except for black. Milani also recently did the same. Can only get it in black. I’m looking for a solid brown and navy shade. Would love to hear anyone’s feedback.

  2. avatar mo says:

    Yeah i’ve used this eyeliner whenever i go snowboarding – it’s perfect… never comes off during the day even through my not quite pro falling-all-over-the-place antics on my snowboard! Even survives hot tub antics after a full day on the piste… so the best for any kind of activity holiday. Normal day-to-day i prefer Mac gel liner or Bobbi Brown – both are equally good and come off easy. but for the slopes…it’s gotta be Gosh!

  3. avatar Isabell says:

    This eyeliner is amazing! I tried the different colours in the store and it sat on my hand for like three days!!!(!) I washed my hands several times during the days and had like three or four showers until it was completely gone. Insane! So I bought one in purple. I love it! And the great thing is that it doesnt smudge on to the upper eyelid:-D

  4. avatar Feeney says:

    I really liked this product review and would love to see more! I’m not sure if I’ll try out this particular eye-liner, but its nice to know what’s out there. Also, the tip with the olive oil was perfect.

  5. avatar Lisa K says:

    I have been looking for an eyeliner that will stay on. Totally buying this.

  6. avatar digits says:

    Man, them pictures make that product look like I need it.

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