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The first step to improving your wardrobe is a basic one – figuring out why you don’t like your current one! What is it about your current wardrobe that isn’t “you” anymore? Do your clothes no longer fit, is your style no longer “you,” or do you not even have a style? Now is the time to figure out what it is you want to change.

Step One: Overhaul

Once you’ve figured out what it is you don’t like, go through your closet and take out every piece of clothing (and all of the accessories) you own. If you know something doesn’t fit, or you know you won’t wear it again, it goes into the Goodwill box. Haven’t worn something in over a year? Chuck it. Be harsh! Just because something cost you x amount of dollars, doesn’t mean it’s worth keeping. Improving your wardrobe means making it into something that you love – and if you don’t love everything in it, then you can never have a fantastic wardrobe! Once you’ve done this first “go-through” and have purged some items out of your closet, it’s time for a more in-depth look at the things you own.

Step Two: Play Dress-Up

Look at your remaining clothing and accessory items. Can you make outfits out of them? (Think outside of the box if you have to!) Your goal is to wear every single thing there. (If it’s possible, wear all of your clothes before you do laundry again, that way you don’t keep reaching for the same favourite things over and over.) See anything that you definitely won’t wear? To the Goodwill box! (Of course, there are some exceptions to this – church clothing, work clothing, and out-of-season clothing, for instance.) Spend some time coming up with outfits and putting them in your closet. Include shoes and accessories, as well. Then, the hardest part…you need to actually WEAR your creations!

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Step Three: Test Drive

When you’ve finished this exercise, you should have at least a few day’s worth of outfits waiting in your closet, longing to be plucked from their hangers and worn out for the day. You need to actually do this! Make a conscious effort to wear these outfits you’ve created, even if you’re unsure about them. if you put something on, and it doesn’t feel “right,” that may be a sign that it needs to go. Pay attention to how things fit and how they make you feel. You might realize that those jeans you thought fit perfectly are actually just a smidgen too small, or the blouse you thought draped romantically is over-sized and sloppy. If anything makes you feel less than completely gorgeous – figure out why! Change things around with other items until you get a look you love.

Week One Challenge: Go through your closet, eliminating anything you don’t wear. Then come up with at least three outfits, down to the shoes and accessories. Wear them out and if something doesn’t work, figure out why!

Coming Up Next Week:

Defining your personal style!

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  1. Irina says:

    wow i loved this article! :) definitely wanna do this. and the layering one seems like a good article too, perhaps like what patters/colors do or dont go together?

  2. Molly says:

    I would love to see a post on how to layer clothing! It’s so cute but I can never figure out what pieces you can layer on top of one another and what colors go together.

  3. Charlotte says:

    my only complaint with this is that i often find myself remembering something i bought years ago that i suddenly want to wear!!
    i guess i’m kinda going through this myself though. i could only pack a certain number of clothes for my year abroad so a lot of things I love had to be left behind.
    it is definitely a challenge some mornings!!

    Charlotte xxx

  4. Annie says:

    my only suggestion…church clothing can be cute too and follow your style…as well as work clothes, unless they are specific things you have to wear.
    Otherwise, nice job.

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