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Working while taking college classes can be challenging. You might struggle with juggling homework, late night shifts, and trying to maintain a social life–but without a doubt, you look good doing it. Why not turn that love for beauty into a career where you can choose when and where you work? An Avon Representative, you can do just that: have fun being your own beauty boss while experimenting with new makeup trends along the way.


Okay, I’m interested. So, how does it work?


Becoming a representative. The first step towards becoming your own beauty boss is to sign-up to become an Avon Representative on the company’s website. Simply fill out all of your personal information on the online application, and then you’ll be set up to talk with another Representative about sales training.


Tools for success. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you will have access to the Avon representative online training tools and educational resources that will get you feeling confident by the time you host your first campaign. You can also get your personal website set up and familiarize yourself with the product line–which means you definitely should try out some of the products beforehand, right? (wink, wink)


The startup cost. Unlike other startup businesses that require ridiculous fees a college student can’t even dream of raising alongside tuition or everyday living expenses, Avon allows new reps to start out a low fee of just $25. That fee gets you 20 brochures to start your first two campaigns and useful tips from a fellow Representative.


Seems simple, how does the selling process work? Once you’ve set up your personal website and have the brochures, you can start advertising products to fellow makeup lovers around campus and get your friends interested by sampling some of the makeup looks on yourself that they might also like to try. Not only will you be a trendsetter, but you’ll also earn some income on the side. Sounds like a good deal, right?


Can I really make money doing this?


Some of you might think that this side hustle is just another one of those failed hacks towards getting easy money, but it really works. If you don’t believe us, take a glance at a real-world example of a girl just like you who works as an Avon Representative to help pay for school.


Millennial Rep. Sarina Kraai is a college student based in California who was first introduced to the Avon brand by watching her mother’s success as a sales representative with the company. Although Sarina’s mom did a great job growing her business over the years, Sarina’s millennial mindset came up with the idea to use social media to further grow the business. Now that Sarina is old enough to start working as a Representative herself, she now uses the same innovative techniques to gain sales all around her campus and gets to enjoy normal college life without the stress of working a full-time job.


A new age of business. As we embark further into the 21st century, the way we do business is constantly changing. Workers are starting to say goodbye to the traditional 9-to-5 job and have instead introduced a new world where being your own boss is the new norm. Ahead of its time, Avon has encouraged this concept of self-employment for over 130 years since the company first began in 1886. By offering young women–and men–the opportunity to choose when and where they work, Avon helps to empower millennials to be in better control of their lives while having fun doing it. How many people can honestly say they love their work? You could be one of the rare few that do.


What are the perks?


Be your own boss. As an Avon Representative, you get to be your own boss by choosing how, when, and where you work.


Scheduling. Most college students are on the go and don’t have time to work regular shifts in between their busy class schedules. By taking control in starting your own business with Avon, you can eliminate this hassle and work at your convenience while still having plenty of time to hang out with friends.


Income control. Whereas some jobs you might have to work long hours to get a depressingly small paycheck, Avon allows you to choose your work schedule so you can work on selling more during times you need a little extra cash in your wallet. With holidays in mind, you can also campaign more around campus to get your friends excited about buying family gifts or just a little something for themselves as a post-exam treat.


Social aspects. As a Rep, you’ll have plenty of time to meet new people around campus and make new friends who share your love for makeup.


Tell me more.


To learn more about Avon and upcoming events, you can stay connected with them on Twitter (@AvonInsider), Facebook (@AvonUSARepresentatives), or Instagram (@AvonInsider).


Look forward to hearing from you and good luck towards beginning your journey as your own beauty boss.

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