A new month is here, and we’re already one week in, can you believe it? We’ll all be on holidays before we know it, but in the mean time, why not take a break from studying, partying, or whatever it is that’s eating up your time lately and veg out for a big with some super blog posts I’ve picked up this week:

  • Halloween may be behind us, but this vampire-inspired eye makeup look from Me Love Makeup is a fun way to mix things up. Try it for a night out with a sequined black dress for a dark and mysterious look.
  • Dessert Girl (who else?) gives us pics from a chocolate fashion show! I didn’t know it was possible to combine my two favourite things, but I stand corrected. The best part? The models look like they’ve may have actually (*gasp*) eaten chocolate before!
  • Glasses-wearing fashionistas, unite! High Fashion Girl gives her picks for some of the fiercest frames available. Almost makes me wish I needed glasses…
  • Does partying and having casual sex go part and parcel with going to college? As a girl in a committed relationship since before I even headed off to school, I’d obviously vote no. College Candy opens the debate, what do you think?
  • In chilly midwestern Ontario, one of my favourite winter looks is a warm, cozy sweater. College Fashion breaks down how to make them look chic!

Sorry for a kind of sparse list this week, if you have any posts to add, as usual leave a comment with a link! Happy Weekend, girls!

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