Hey girls! I’ve missed our weekly roundup of fabulous blog posts for a couple times in a row, so we are overdue. Check out my picks from this week and don’t forget to post your own in the comments:

  • From College Candy, the 7 people who will drive you crazy freshmen year is funny and, sadly, true.
  • Cheap Chic Daily brings us some gorgeous, trend-friendly capes for fall, all under $70.
  • Still not sick of NYFW? Take a look at three out-there beauty looks from the runways this week, care of Style Bakery Teen.
  • One word: adorable. From ECG member, Sari, 20 things I learned before I turned 20 on Shades of Sarah.
  • 1000 Awesome Things shares the simple joy of correctly guessing whether a door is ‘push’ or ‘pull’. I feel like there is a life lesson hidden here lol.
  • Homesick now that you’re away at school? You’re not alone. Girl Next Door Fashion gives us 20 things she misses about home. How many are on your list, too?
  • College Fashion‘s post on mixing prints inspired my outfit planned for my first-ever fashion video for my school paper! Thanks, Chelsea.

As always, share your fav links, even if they’re your own! Happy Weekend! xo


  1. avatar Keesha says:

    There are no words to decsrbie how bodacious this is.

  2. avatar Charlotte says:

    Inspired by the number of people who viewed my blog after this post, I have just written 25 ways to cope with homesickness, if any of you are interested :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

  3. avatar Sari says:

    Thank you so much for the link, Kaleigh!! :)

  4. avatar Charlotte says:

    hey :]]]
    thanks for mentioning my blog on here :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

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