Hey ladies, sorry this post is a day late this week. My good friend who goes to college in another city had her annual Halloween party last night, so I gave myself a night off! So, without further delay, here are my picks for the best of the blog world from the previous week:

  • Just in time for your Halloween parties, Ur College Fashion gives us the top 10 costumes for college girls this year.
  • If you’re like me, and haven’t had enough time or money to do a good fall shopping trip yet, take advantage of late-season sales and snag some of the 5 must-have fall fashion items from College Lifestyles.
  • As if being in college on Halloween wasn’t enough of an excuse to drink, College Candy provides some fun Halloween-themed drinking games.
  • I think I could stand to re-read this post on why you shouldn’t procrastinate, eep! Thanks, Dorm Delicious.
  • While we’re improving ourselves, why not take a look at 3 easy ways to get healthier this school year, from Surviving College Life?
  • Fellow College Fashion intern, and nicest commenter ever, Charlotte, gives us her explanation for why dressing for comfort makes her uncomfortable on Girl Next Door Fashion Preach, sister!
  • Speaking of College Fashion, check out their detailed post on maintaining a long-distance relationship in college. As a girl who has been dating long-distance for her entire college career, I can tell you this info is vital!

As always, post your fav links (even if they’re from your own blog) in the comments below! Have a happy Sunday! Stretch, relax, do a bit of homework, and prepare yourself for another successful week!


  1. avatar Becca says:

    i have a post about the “taylor swift” inside of us that might interest you!

  2. avatar Lee says:

    Hi Kaleigh
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for the mention of Ur College Fashion!! U Rock..I wasn’t expecting this.

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