Hello there! I hope everyone has been having a pleasant week. ECG is bring back the Best of the Blog Work to fill you in on what other great articles are out in the blogosphere. Here are my picks for blog posts from this crazy week. Check it out, procrastinate, but don’t forget to start studying for finals as well!

  • See what’s hot for this spring from Style Bakery.
  • Try your hand at sewing with this DIY Summer Tank Dress tutorial at Threadbanger.
  • Looking for some support during finals week? College Candy has 7 essential items for you.
  • Get ready for Mother’s Day with Skinny Purse’s gift ideas.
  • Losing sleep over the final projects of the semester? Head over to 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic for their guide on how to use concealer (especially for the new bags under your eyes)
  • Just for fun! Kandee Johnson posted an adorable tutorial on how to paint and decorate your own “Hello Kitty Nails.”

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  1. avatar Chacidy says:

    IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of tihngs like that?

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