It’s the season of travel – seeing beautiful places that you’ve never seen before, and exploring to your hearts content. Who has time for jet lag when you’re adventure bound? Read on for ways to beat jet lag when traveling to enjoy every moment of that perfect trip.

Stay hydrated

While it may seem that coffee is the obvious choice when you’re feeling tired, it will only make you more dehydrated in the long run. Dehydration is one of the leading factors of jet lag, so make sure to drink lots of water as you spend time in the dry cabin air of airplanes.

Water, water, and more water, and you’ll be acclimated in no time!

Plan your sleeping patterns ahead of time

Anticipate what time you will be arriving at your location. If you land during the evening, then it would be best to stay awake during your flight so that you will be ready to sleep by the time you get settled in. If you’re arriving during the morning, try to sleep as much as possible during your flight.


Stretching and keeping yourself moving will help you to keep yourself going when jet lag begins to set in. Chances are if you’ve been doing heavy traveling your body will be craving relief from tight quarters on airplanes or any other mode of transportation. Keep your blood moving as you’re en route – take laps on the plane or stretch your feet and legs as much as you can.

Avoid naps

When it comes to overcoming jet lag as fast and most efficiently as possible, you have to power through. You’re going to want to take naps to make it through, but this will only keep you set in your own routine. Whether it’s seeing a few sights close by or taking a walk around your new surroundings, get acclimated without immediate sleep, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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Do you have exciting travel plans this summer? What are your tips on beating jet lag? Leave us a comment below!


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