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Just like the start of a new day, the start of a new job, or the start of a new relationship, the way you boldly enter new beginnings can make or break an experience. Over the next four months, you have the ability to create the semester you want, and with a few ideas to reconnect with yourself you have the power to make your college journey your own. At Every College Girl we know how important it is to put all of yourself into your college years, why not start by making this new semester your best one yet?

Try something you have never tried before

One way to make the new semester stand out from all the rest: explore. Whether it’s taking a new elective in a subject that you want to learn more about, attending meetings for a club you want to know more about, or even discovering new locations to eat or study on campus, never stop exploring. In addition to gaining perspective, you’ll gain a more rounded sense of your college experience by adding a little adventure to your routine. Even in small ways, like picking a different seat in a room of a class you may be continuing from last semester, can bring awareness to yourself and your surroundings in ways you may have overlooked before. So take a different route to class, find a new spot on campus you haven’t spent much time in, or pick up a new activity that you have always wanted to pursue – you write the story of your college years, this semester is a new chance to add a little color to the pages.

 Reorganize your room

Feng Shui is an ancient practice dating earlier than 4000 B.C., and its goal is to situate human dwellings in ways that promote positive vibrations in an axis in time. In essence, your environment affects your mood. Reorganizing your space means more than spring cleaning, it can reorient your outlook on the world around you. Lighten your room by allowing natural light to enter as much of the room as possible. Avoid dark spots by keeping clutter, wall art, or big pieces of furniture out of corners. Update your pictures to reflect your own personal growth over the past semester, and add a pop of extra color in an unexpected place. Add depth to your space by adding new decorations like a new rug, throw pillows, or flowers. By reorganizing your room you create a space that is your own, and environment that you will want to keep living in, just with a new outlook and a little less mess.

Make a visualization board

Dedicate some time to yourself to reflect on your goals and aspirations for the new semester, the new year, and beyond. Go as far forward as you would like. Place your health, career, relationship, and any other objectives you have promised yourself to seek at the forefront of your mind by putting it at the front of your room. Cut out pictures and write quotes or messages that represent these ideals, and get creative with corkboards, chalkboards, pin boards, or a blank wall, and manifest the dreams you have in front of you. Put the board in a prominent spot, and have fun creating it and making it your own. Having a visualization board will serve as a constant source of inspiration, as well as a reminder of the important things. With a representation of everything you want present and spelled out in front of you, skipping class just become that much harder.

Discover yourself

A great way to own the new semester is first to own yourself. Do one nice thing for yourself every day, whatever that is for you, from taking time to do yoga to cooking yourself a healthy meal. Getting in touch with yourself in these small ways promotes manageable ways to de-stress, focus better, sleep better, and in general love college that much more. In his book “The Book Of Secrets: Unlocking The Hidden Dimensions In Your Life,” Deepak Chopra explains the art of regular acts of self discovery: “You relax into the rhythm of your own life, which sets the stage for meetings yourself at a deeper level.” College is a place to discover and develop yourself – so free yourself to discover and celebrate your true self this semester.

What do you think?

What are your favorite ways to kick off a new semester? Do you have any traditions, or new resolutions you want to try? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. avatar Lydia says:

    Great article! I change up the art and photos in my office. Celebrating the highs and lows at end of the day — I’m not a morning person — keeps the drama in check.

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