Summer has sadly come to an end. The weather is getting colder, our homework assignments are bit longer, and the leaves are transitioning from vibrant green to sultry orange. Fall not only brings sporting seasons, placement exams, and the brisk weather but it also signals the unofficial beginning to Cuffing Season.

Cuffing Season starts in the very beginning of fall and comes to a close within the first few weeks of spring.

Cuffing Season is a way for Cuffers, the aggressors, and Cuffees, the unsuspecting victims, to combat the cold and loneliness of winter nights. Everyone wants someone to kiss under the Christmas mistletoe, exactly at midnight on New Year’s Day, and of course someone to cuddle up close to when it’s cold outside. As the weather gets hotter and the clothes get skimpier, Cuffing Season ends because no one wants to have a significant other clinging to them at the beach or summer block parties.

First semester signals the start of the hunt begins and the Cuffers are on the loose. First, they want to get to know you as a friend to see what you are into in comparison to what they like. Once a Cuffer thinks that the Cuffee is a good match they slowly circle their prey. Thus begins the seemingly harmless flirting that intensifies as times passes. After it is obvious that the victim is interested, he/she then opens the door to hanging out and making their flirtatious ideas more physical and realistic. In the moment it’s great for both parties, you think that you have a connection with this person you just met and you begin to feel yourself possibly falling for them. But then when spring arrives it begins to get harder and harder to get a hold of your Cuffer.

Their are many different types of Cuffers. Some Cuffers are honest and upfront about what they are looking for, i.e. admitting to only wanting a fall fling. Others will openly deceive you without feeling any remorse, making you feel as if you are the most important person in the world. A few select Cuffers might stick around for the whole year if they’ve opened themselves up to you (accidentally), but the majority will ditch you before Valentine’s Day.

So, dear Reader, how are you going to make it through Cuffing Season with your heart and dignity intact without having to suffer through the cold winter? That’s easy all you have is follow these steps and protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Learn to Read People

Not everyone approaching you this winter is trying to claim you for Cuffing Season. There are a lot of good people out there who actually want to get to know you. The clearest sign of detecting if someone is a Cuffer or not is in the way they direct the conversation. If your romantic interest is either rushing the time it takes to get to know someone on an intimate level then they most likely are a Cuffer trying to stay on point with the Cuffing Season timeline. Lock your doors!

 Spend Time With Friends

Close friends, whether they are single or not, are the crucial to surviving. Friends lend support, give valuable advice, big comfy hugs, and always know how to get you out of your room. When you feel like you might call Connor the Cuffer, call your friends instead and they’ll tell you that you’re better than Connor and will instead take you out around town. No matter what your friends have in store for you, or you for them, please get out there and do something!

Spend Time With Yourself

All possible targets must be able to spend time alone. Get to know yourself all over again because I’m sure you’ve changed since the last time you attempted to do so. Rediscover what you like to do, the type of guys/girls you like, what you like to eat, what you like to do for fun, etc. Indulge in your favorite food, favorite movie, favorite song, and most importantly favorite chocolate. Dance around your room like no one can see you, sing your heart out like no one can hear you, and live your lonely winter days the way that you see fit! There comes many points in life where you have to deal with the fear of being alone. The more you get to know yourself and the more time you spend alone will prepare you for dealing with this. Understanding yourself needs to be a priority.


Winter is not the season of love and romance that it pretends to be. Yes it can be a lot of harmless fun if you don’t get attached, but for those who aren’t into carefree fun and want a serious relationship with a decent person then keep your heart on guard until spring. To survive without heartbreak one must defeat loneliness by learning to read people, spending time with friends, and spending time with yourself. Single ladies surround yourself with the right people, even if sometimes that is yourself, and A LOT of ice cream. So whether you are going to get in on the fun or sit on the sidelines, brace yourself… Cuffing Season is here.

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Ever been a victim to Cuffing Season? Are you a Cuffer?

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