There are mixed reviews on Bumpits. Some swear by them as an essential beauty tool, some think the idea is nice but they don’t deliver, while others wonder “why the hell anyone would do that to their head?” In my opinion, voluminous hair can be a cute look, but the Bumpits-style is too extreme and doesn’t look natural. Instead, I have an alternative (the old-fashioned) way of creating volume in your hair at the crown for specific styles that looks more natural and not quite so…helmet-y.

1. First, divide the hair at the crown of your head into 3-4 sections, front to back. The more sections you divide it into, the more volume you will achieve.

2. Next, take the front sections and pull them forward, clipping them out of the way. 

3. Take the back section and hold it straight up vertically. Using a fine-toothed comb, comb the hair down towards the root in quick, short strokes, starting at the ends and working your way to the roots. This is called “teasing” you hair, and will make it very voluminous–but at first it will just kind of look messy, don’t worry, we fix that in a bit.

4. Continue step 3 with all the layers of hair except the front layer, leave that clipped out of the way. Now, take the messy, knotty, teased sections and roll them under to make a puff of hair. Use bobby pins to secure.

5. Take the front section and pull it back to cover the puff of hair, securing with bobby pins.

6. It may look a little messy still, so use a soft-bristle brush to smooth the hair down, adjusting the pins as needed. Finish with some extra-hold hairspray.

Hope this gives you a reasonable alternative to the as-seen-on-TV look. Once you perfect the teasing, you can use it in many different styles. Sometimes I’ll tease the under layers of my hair when it’s curled to give it a little extra lift, or twist my hair back with a teased crown for a simple up-do. Banning Bumpits for a more realistic style? That’s something every college girl should know.


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  1. avatar Sudsie says:

    I love your advice. I agree that the styles are too extreme. There is a product which was the original hair bumping styling tool called the Vidal Sassoon Hair Poufs. They are like little pillows that hold the tease into place so it doesn’t fall. They work great, stay securely in place and give you a soft natural look but very fashionable.

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