Every girl should know how to make a decent selection of cocktails, and the aim of these posts is to teach you how!  Cocktails turn pre-drinks into something more sophisticated, spice up a girls night in and are just plain fun to drink and to make.  For this post, we’ll teach you some of the more classic drinks.

The Cosmopolitan

For such a well known drink, this is surprisingly easy to make.  All you need to do is add 1 shot of vodka, half a shot of cointreau,cranberry juice and a drop of lime juice to a cocktail shaker (if you haven’t got one, any bottle will do).  Strain and serve.

The Long Island Iced Tea

Be warned, although 2 and a half shots may not sound that much, this is potent, so take care.  To make it: take a tall glass and put ice into the bottom.  Then add ½ a shot of: vodka, gin, white rum, tequila and triple sec. Add about a shot of lemon juice, a dash of lime (or a shot if you’d prefer) and then top up the drink with coke.

The Mojito

Mash two teaspoons of brown sugar together with a few mint leaves then add 2 shots of light rum. Stir a little to get the leaves to rise, pour over ice and top up with soda water.  Add a slice of lime and enjoy!

The Margarita

First off: prepare your glass.  Take a slice of lime or lemon, and rub the rim of your glass, before dipping it in salt to frost.  Second step: Mix your ingredients.  Add 1 shot of tequila, 1 of triple sec and 1 lime juice; shake with ice.  Step 3: Serve and drink.

Note: Some recipes called for a shot of each ingredient, others called for 3 of tequila, 1 of triple sec and 2 lime juice.  Try both and see which you prefer!

So there you have it, four classic, sophisticated looking cocktails.

What do You Think?

What are your favourite cocktails? Let us know and we’ll add a recipe to the upcoming posts!


  1. avatar Lauren says:

    Thank you for this. I’m always ashamed I don’t know how to whip up a few of the classics but know I have reason to practice again!

  2. avatar The Hip + Urban Girl says:

    Completely addicted to Caipirinha’s right now. However I can’t resist your margarita recipe!

  3. avatar becca25 says:

    Great article!

  4. avatar Irina says:

    love love love this article! thank you!

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