Cocktail Class part two aims to show you how to make the sweeter cocktails, the kind you can drink for hours.  These are all really simple but they usually require grenadine and/or blue curacao.  They can be picked up from your local supermarket and the grenadine will last you for ages.  Don’t be surprised if the blue curacao goes quite quickly though, it’s essentially being used as a colourful, tasty mixer.

Now on to the cocktails!

Sex on the Beach

Who hasn’t enjoyed (or at least heard of) this classic sweet cocktail?  Take a shot each of vodka and peach schnapps (archers).  Drop in 2 shots of grenadine to add some sweetness and make that classic colour.  Then just top up with equal parts orange and cranberry juice.  Voila!

Blue Hawaiian

For any of you who are Pina Colada fans – this is a step up!  The stunning colour looks impressive, and it tastes delicious.  Take 1-2 shots of Malibu according to preference, and pour in the same amount of blue curacao.  Top up with pineapple juice and enjoy!  You can also swap the Malibu for white rum and 1-2 shots of coconut milk but this option is MUCH higher in fat.


Take 1.5 shots of white rum, 1.5 of coconut milk, 2 of Disaronno amaretto and top up with any fruit juices of your choice.  Pineapple and any other kind is my personal preference :)  Again, you can swap the white rum and coconut milk for 2 shots of Malibu for a lower fat, lighter drink.

Tequila Sunrise

There’s only 3 ingredients to this popular drink – tequila, grenadine and orange juice.  The easiest way to get the traditional dark colour at the bottom, light at the top is to start with the grenadine.  Add one shot to the bottom of a glass.  Mix two shots of tequila and enough orange juice to fill the glass and then add these in too.  This guarantees the colour, though you may want to mix it before you drink it!

What do You Think?

Will you be trying any of these? Any cocktail recipes you’d like us to add to the upcoming posts?


  1. avatar Kenz says:

    Your recipe for Sex on the Beach is actually unlike any I’ve seen before. I’ve worked in bars since I was 16 and this is the recipe I subscribe to (in case anyone wants an alternate)

    1/2 shot of peach shnopps
    1/2 shot of melon
    1 shot vodka
    Fill the rest of the glass with 1/2 pinapple, 1/2 cranberry juice and a splash of sprite.

  2. avatar Aleida says:

    You have my absolute favorite drink on this list, the delicious Zombie! I’m not a huge fan of tequila so I usually use triple sec instead to make triple sec sunrises. They’re hugely popular with my friends.

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