For part three of our cocktail class, we’ll be showing you how to make some exciting looking shots for those more intoxicated parties.

You’ll need to be able to float a drink for these, which isn’t hard once you know how, and looks really cool.  To do it, take a teaspoon, and hold it upside down (so that the liquid holding part is pointing to the ground).  Angle the spoon so that anything poured over it will hit the side of the glass, as close to the bottom of the glass/the lower layer as possible.  Pour the liquid slowly over the back of the spoon.

That’s it – it sounds complicated, but I promise it isn’t!

Jamaican Slammer

For all you rum fans, this is guaranteed success.  Pour 12.5ml of dark rum into a shot glass, then float the same amount of triple sec and a few drops of lime juice on top. Float 12.5ml golden rum on top, and you’re done.

Chocolate cake

This isn’t a layered shot, but it tastes fabulous, and will amaze you and your mates.  Fill a shot glass half with hazelnut liqueur, and half with vanilla vodka.  Pour a little sugar on the back of your hand and cut a slice of lemon.  Lick the sugar, down the shot, and suck the lemon.  Honestly, my friends are in love with this!

Red, White and Blue

How about something a little patriotic?  This one is slightly harder to float, so it’s worth sticking the ingredients and the shot glass into the fridge to cool them first, just to make things a little easier.  Pour 12.5ml of grenadine into a shot glass, then very slowly float the same amount of peach schnapps/archers/Malibu depending on your preference.  Float the same amount of blue Curacao on the top.

The Slippery Nipple

Despite the rather shocking name, this is delicious, and no shot list would be complete without it.  It’s made of half Sambuca, and half Baileys.  You can float the ingredients (Sambuca at the bottom), or in this case I prefer to just stick them in those split shot glasses you can buy online for practically nothing.

What do You Think?

Will you be trying any of these? Any cocktail recipes you’d like us to add to the upcoming posts?

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  1. avatar WestMeetsSouth says:

    I recently turned 21 and I had a birthday cake shot. It’s one ounce lemon vodka and one ounce frangelico. With a slice of lemon and sugar around the rim of the shot glass. Lick the sugar, take the shot and bite the lemon. It’s delicious and a must have for any birthday celebration :)

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