Dating in college can make or break your college experience. Some people meet someone who they end up in a long term relationship with and stay together for many years after, if not forever. Some others meet someone and it falls apart before the semester ends.


It can be difficult to date in college sometimes but it shouldn’t be. Sometimes dating someone at college can really enhance the experience – you can attend college social functions together, you have someone to turn to if you are struggling with your studies, there is always someone there when you need a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes we feel more fulfilled being in a relationship so it makes sense that plenty of people enter into new relationships when at college – they need that fulfillment, that person to fall back on.


Dating in college can be a lot of fun. You don’t have to be in a relationship with someone if you don’t want to; you can try simply chatting and dating people casually to see if they are well suited to you. You don’t need to jump into a relationship with someone straight away, instead casually dating one or two people to see how you get on may be the way forward for you. It isn’t for everyone though. You can always make things official with someone further down the line if you so wish.


Meeting new people couldn’t be any easier than at college. Whether you meet a cutie in your class or come across them in the coffee shop or the library, there are plenty of places across campus where you could end up meeting someone that you would be interested in dating. You can take things slowly, casually if you like. Some people choose to jump into relationships straight away – it is important to work out what you want before doing anything rash.


If you want to start dating in college, it is important to bear a few things in mind. You may be  dating casually, getting to know a few different people at a time. But it is important not to let things in your personal life affect your studies – despite being on campus together, you should try to keep them totally separate otherwise this could really affect your time there if things don’t work out.


Be honest and open about what you are looking for. It would be horrendous if you both later found out you weren’t ever on the same page so knowing where you both stand and where this could lead to is essential. Make time to get away from college life. Chances are you both live on campus, have friends on campus, have your social activities on campus. Having your relationship completely on campus is just a recipe for disaster. You both need your own personal space but you also need your personal time together alone – and when the world and it’s wife knows you and wants to talk to you on campus, sometimes it makes sense to get away for a bit.


Don’t let the possibility of a relationship affect your studies. Set some ground rules from the off so you know where you stand when it comes to college work. Relationships can be fantastic, they can be great and all-consuming but you don’t want them to be so all consuming that your college work suffers as a result. You’ve both gone to college to study towards something; something that you want to achieve so it is important to bear that in mind, no matter how tempting the other option can be.


College dating only leads to problems if you let it. Knowing exactly where you stand in the relationship and exactly where it stands when it comes to your studies is vital in ensuring that you don’t become another of those college statistics – breaking up before the semester even ends or failing your studies because your relationship took precedence.


It is important to remember that we can have it all if we want it and we don’t need to self-sabotage or sacrifice anything to get it – it is possible to have a successful relationship whilst at college and still do well in your studies. You just need to be strong willed enough to make an effort and work at both without one taking precedence over the other.


So many people don’t realize and don’t think that they can have it all – they think they need to choose between fun/love and their education whilst at college but that isn’t true. It is possible to have it all – and people have proved it throughout the years. We all know that couple who’ve been together since college; married with children and passed with flying colors – why not aim to be like them?

Author: kara

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