Hey you! Yes, you, the college student who is new to campus and looking to find the best organizations to join for art majors. Yes, you too! The nervous freshman who is looking to find out who the best professors are for geology. And yes, there are things even for you, senior looking for help with some anxiety you have with the impending job search. You must be thinking, this has got to be the university running a frequently asked questions website. This is much better than that. Welcome to ePeers, a social media site made exclusively for college students where you can ask students on your campus or other campuses questions, buy/sell/trade anything ranging from books to old phones and get access to any service on your campus.

What makes ePeers different?

Only for college students (you’ve got to have an .edu email address to sign up)
Connect with students from your campus AND others across the nation
Anonymity when it comes to posting, especially sensitive stuff like mental health questions so you will always feel safe when posting questions or answers
FREE! What college student doesn’t love free things?

Features on ePeers

There are tons of different features on ePeers that can help you from your health to selling your old books to finding some local friends that you can plan your next big road trip with!


Want to find someone to go on spring break with? Or if you are looking into studying abroad and have no idea where to start? Start here! Ask questions about anything travel related to the best travel agencies, what countries are best for studying abroad in for each major or what countries are a must travel to while you’re still in college.


Looking to make some extra cash by selling some old school books? Buy, sell or trade them on this part of ePeers! You can buy, sell or trade anything from old electronics to clothing to tickets for sporting events. You can also post what you are looking to buy, if you are still in need of the perfect couch for those lazy days of binge-watching television. And buying/selling things isn’t limited to your campus, you can see what others are selling on other campus’ in your town or across the nation.


This place has hundreds of academic resources that you can utilize as a student! It has links to study guides, practice quizzes on different subjects and how to research different topics. This place also has tons of coupons for college students for groceries, clothing and more. You can get discounted or even free subscription sites on here too like Audible, Spotify and Amazon. Perfect for the college student on a limited budget. 

Mental Health

This feature might be the most important one of them all. We all know college is tough, especially if you are far from many of the people you know and love. It can be extremely difficult to make friends if you already have a diagnosed mental health condition, or maybe you haven’t been diagnosed and think you are struggling with one. Don’t ever feel alone! Thousands of college students every year are diagnosed with depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions. Reaching out for help is the first step and can be scary, but ePeers can help you get in touch with the right help you need.

Are you intrigued?

ePeers is the one social networking site made specifically for college students and is utilized by thousands of students already, some may even be from your campus! It is so easy to sign up, you only need to provide your name and university email address. So whether you are looking for some class advice, help with studying for organic chemistry or want to sell your old iPhone, ePeers can really do it all for you.

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