Some of us have already been unfortunate enough to encounter those horrible little white flakes this year. I’m not talking about dandruff, though I’m sure that can be a problem for some people during this season. But I’m talking about snow! Fret not, Every College Girl has you covered with the coolest and cutest accessories to help you bundle up when it gets cold!


Hats can be a great accent to an outfit or just a fun accessory and of course they keep your head nice and toasty warm! A tuque or aviator style knit hat that matches your scarf or mitts is always great or a big floppy knit beret. One of the fall fashion trends that I love this year is animal themed hats. They add a fun and cute element to a sometimes dreary season, and who doesn’t like having adorable animal ears?


There’s just something about a big fluffy scarf that I find very comforting. Whether you prefer colourful, knit, long or short, you really can make almost anything work. I prefer my scarves to be an accent, so I pick ones that will bring a splash of colour or pattern to my look, but if you want something neutral, that works too. Try on some different styles, colours and prints and decide what best suits your fall look.

Mitts and Gloves

I absolutely hate when my hands are cold, so I tend to break out the finger warming gear pretty early in the season. Mitts do tend to keep your hands warmer, but every girl needs to have at least one pair of dressy winter gloves! There’s nothing worse than getting all dolled up for a Christmas party, throwing on your fancy winter coat and a huge pair of bulky casual mittens. A fitted pair of leather gloves or some stylish felt gloves with good shape in a burst of colour tend to be less casual and are a great addition to any girl’s cold weather accessories collection.

For everyday mittens, something chunky colourful and knit is always a good choice. Personally I like these faux fur mittens from H&M, they are just so cozy!

What Do You Think?

Do you like the look of the animal themed hats? Do you own a pair of dressy gloves for special occasions? What are some of your favorite fall accessories? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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  1. avatar Kenzie says:

    Wearing a hat and scarf? In the winter? Earth shattering revelation.

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