Summer is finally upon us – the season of sun, beaches, sangria, fun, and of course summer dresses. No need to go out and get new sun dresses, or fall victim to the “I hate everything in my closet” nightmare, when you can simply accessorize and accent your dresses to give them a different look and feel every time you slip them on.

Statement necklaces

A great way to emphasize a dress is through jewelry, and one of the most bold pieces you can wear to spice up an outfit is a big and chunky statement necklace. Whether you’re into big crystals, neons, or floral accents, big necklaces take all the emphasis off of the dress and onto your accessories. As the dress becomes a background focus, a big necklace is a great way to stay on trend and make any outfit your own.

To try this, go for a simple black summer dress with a bright necklace in summer shades like pink, orange, and gold. Not only will it make your outfit pop, it will also compliment your fresh summer tan.


Belts are a great way to cinch up a flowy summer dress and give it a little originality at the same time. Whether you opt for a thin leather wrap-around belt, a silk scarf, or a corset belt, you simultaneously slim your waistline and give your dress a totally different look.

To try this, go for a summer dress that is slightly longer, as belts take off an inch or more on your hemline. Try something that flows out with a sweetheart neckline, cinching a leather belt at your waist above the ruffled out bottom to give your look a sweet and feminine edge.

Bright shoes

A great pair of bright heels or flats will take a lot of the attention away from your dress and on to your stems, which are great to show off in the summer sun!

To try this, pair a simple white or black dress with a red or bright pair of heels with straps or a pattern, anything to let the shoes stand out on their own without making your overall look appear to busy.

What do you think?

Have you tried any of the fashion tips on this list? What are your favorite ways to spice up your summer dresses? Share with us in the comments section below!


  1. avatar Allison says:

    Thanks for the tips but what about the adorable sun hat

  2. avatar Jana says:

    These are all great tips but I think you missed an obvious one: summer scarves! No, not the wooly things yoou use to keep warm during Winter quarter, I mean the light as a feather extra long ones (like LoveQuotes) in bright colors. Nice for a light wrap as the sun goes down (and the night progresses to someplace with perhaps a bit too much air conditioning) they also make wonderful coverf-ups on the beach or at the pool. And, of course, they fit into the smallest of bags when not in use. Lastly, with all the gorgeous colors available they are a great way to accessorize an outfit for very little money.

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