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Two of the most feared words guys use to describe girls who take too long and are too invested in their daily beauty routines: high maintenance. Don’t be that girl. Read on for ways to cut back on your primping, and even if some of these tips mean sacrificing your look, summer is the time to embrace more natural beauty.


Pick a hairstyle that is easier to achieve

Honestly, unless it’s a special occasion, do you really need to engage in the whole wash-blow out-straighten-curl marathon? My advice: pick one. Maybe one and a half if you include blow drying. Letting your natural hair texture shine through isn’t always a bad thing either, but if you’re opposed to it you can simplify your whole routine by choosing a style that is easier to do on your particular hair type, like a simple long braid with straight hair or moussed beach waves with naturally curly hair, for example.


When it comes to your face makeup, pick two products tops

While the perfect photo-ready skin may require a routine of liquid foundation, followed by powder and set with translucent looser powder, not to mention bronzer and blush, your everyday look does not have to bury your pores. Whatever products you love the most, just go with two. Maybe a combination of moisturizer and powder, or liquid foundation and blush. Narrowing it down to two will save you time, and not to mention money on replacing overused products that can make you look overdone.


On your eyes less is more

Your natural eye color can be masked by the color pigments in shadows. Instead, to minimize your routine and let your natural features stand out, compliment your natural eye color but simply lining your eyes with a black liner and doing a coat or two of mascara.



If you just can’t bring yourself to skimp on your routine, you can fake it by learning to multitask. While you’re washing your hair in the shower, plan out your outfit in advance. Take pauses while you blow dry your hair to do your makeup in steps, your hair will air dry ¬†little while you’re doing it and cut down on your overall dry time.



What do you think?

What are your most effective ways to simplify your daily beauty regimen? Share your beauty tips with us in the comments section below!

Author: Anna Patrick


  1. Thanks to suggest for beauty routine. Your blog is very helpful for my daily beauty routine.

  2. Shauna says:

    I totally agree with the face makeup! I used to use moisturizer, primer, foundation, powder and blush :P and it took so long to do my makeup in the morning, not to mention it felt uncomfortable to wear all that all day. Now I just use moisturizer, a bit of translucent powder, blush and mascara and it only takes 5 minutes.


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