We love doing giveaways here at Every College Girl. Our last giveaway was a big success! The winner, Delia from Virginia, received her prize and was very happy with it, so we were thrilled!

With the success of the last giveaway, it’s time for another awesome opportunity to win from Every College Girl and DormCo.com, only this time, it’s double the pleasure, double the fun, with two prizes to give away to two separate winners! Check out this adorable floral print fleece blanket, hand picked by yours truly as our giveaway prize. I chose this blanket because it’s cute and cozy, but neutral enough to go with any decor! If you like it as much as I do, you have twice the odds of winning!

Designer Fleece Bed Blanket – Ivory Puff

To enter, you need to have an account on our forum. Next, use the forum as you regularly would. At midnight on August 12, the top two posters will be the winners of one of the DormCo blankets, absolutely free! The only caveat: they have to be real posts, no single letter, repetitive posts in the attempt of getting the prize–we’ll be watching!

The more girls we get using the forum, the more fun it will be for everyone, and with the bonus incentive of the chance to win a fabulous, free blanket, what more reason do you need to join the forum today?


  1. avatar acaciakaish says:

    This would be great for getting all comfy while I’m typing on my laptop, or reading a deadline novel! Hopefully I can wrap up in it! :)


  2. avatar Dilara says:

    Does this giveaway open internationally?

  3. avatar Sari says:

    Can I just say this is awesome?!

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