So this may be jumping the gun, but when it comes to preparing yourself for midterms week it’s never too soon. You know what that means: stress, anxiety, sluggishness, and crankiness, to name a few of the moods that may overtake your life… but don’t have to! Read on for what snacks to eat when you are facing exams and a monster mood.

What to eat if you’re… stressed.

Chocolate! It’s an hour before your midterm, your major cramming window is closed, and now all that stands between you and your test is an hour of scanning your notes in an attempt to absorb any last definition or formula you may have overlooked.

Before you start pulling your hair out and sabotaging yourself, grab a few squares of dark chocolate!

Researches in Switzerland published a study in the Journal of Proteome Research found that consuming about 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate lowered cortisol, a stress hormone, and catecholamines, reducing anxiety.

What to eat if you’re… anxious.

Worrying about your test won’t earn you that A, but studying with an open and clear mind will! Zap anxiety by eating something rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like a salmon burger.

Omega-3 acids have even been shown in studies to reduce anger and even clinical depression. If salmon isn’t for you, try other coldwater fish like herring, mackerel or sardines.

What to eat if you’re… tired and unfocused.

This is likely going to happen toward the end of your midterms week, when concentration has been spent and coffee just isn’t doing the trick. You can pass on the caffeine and grab a spinach salad instead.

The spinach salad is a perfect choice because it has been shown that folic acid can help your body increase bloodflow in a way that can help you combat feeling sluggish or slow to recall information. In addition to spinach, try other leafy greens or potatoes, beans, peas, or mushrooms.

What to eat if you’re… so over everything.

We all know how that goes. First you get tired, then you get cranky, and then the world better watch out. To avoid being the grinch on campus, grab an apple and dip it into some peanut butter. Your friends will thank you!

Letting your blood sugar crash can take a serious toll on your mood, and this combination food combines protein and a little fat, which can slow the digestion process and help your energy and sugar levels remain stabilized.

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    I think this is such a good article. As a first year college student I find this very helpful. In the Fall semester during midterms and finals I was very stressed out. I think I will take these tips in consideration for future midterms and finals. =)

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