Summer is finally back. It was a season hard not to miss when composing essay after essay, grilling burgers or filing papers, when fall chilled us ’til winter, when winter made everything gray, when spring made everything wet, when the sun refused to shine and classes seemed to never end. Now that summer has finally returned, it seems the perfect time to celebrate! Enjoy these cocktails at a pool, barbecue, cocktail party, party-party or whenever you feel like getting your summer drink on! Let’s not leave all the buzz to the bugs.

Rhett Butler

Based on Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind character, this chilled drink is a mix of ice, Southern Comfort, clear Curacao, lime juice, and lemon juice. Frankly, my dear, it will bring you right to that sweet southern place, giving you the charisma of its namesake, or at least giving you enough of a buzz to think you have that charisma.

Pina Colada

A tasty blend of crushed ice, white rum, dark rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream, this drink will definitely make you want to dance in the rain. It has that ability to transport you to a deserted island where alcohol on the beach is never banned.

Tequila Sunrise

There is no bedtime rush with a glass of this at your lips. Sip this mix of ice, white tequila, orange juice and grenadine and let your buzz rise with the sun.

Coco Loco

A little craziness is just what the summer doctor ordered. Go crazy with this blend of fresh coconut, crushed ice, white tequila, gin, white rum, and pineapple juice. Let loose, dance in the street or around a bonfire and just have fun.

Snow Cone Shots

Ready for a fun, colorful, and unique shot to brighten up your weekend? Try the Snow Cone Shot here! This vibrant and delightful concoction is a mix of ice, BlackHaus Liquor (Blackberry Schnapps), Blue Curacao, lemonade, and Sprite. It’ll have you reminiscing about those warm summer days with snow cones in hand, making it the perfect addition to any weekend gathering.

Palm Beach

Trade the sunburn in for the sun-buzz. Feel the palm trees sway with the lovely Floridian breeze as you savor this treat of ice, white rum, gin and pineapple juice.

For exact recipes with details, check out Linda Doeser’s book “Classic & Contemporary Cocktails” or Google. HAGS (Have a Great Summer)!

What Do You Think?

Will you give any of these drinks a try? What are your favorite summer cocktails? Leave us a comment and let us know!



  1. avatar sagal says:

    Lovely mocktails. Can u plz post more.

  2. avatar celina says:

    Where’re the daquiris at?!

    A super easy version is just mixing some rum (most do white, but I prefer spiced) with sorbet in a blender! Really quick & easy :)

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