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Summer is hot, and what’s worse than having to spend it inside in a hot and smelly gym with a bunch of other hot and smelly people? Doesn’t sound like such a great time. So, here are five different ways to stay toned this summer without spending much time in those overcrowded gyms.


1. Swimming

This is one of easiest ways to stay in shape during the summer months. Pools are just about everywhere and what better way to keep cool than to get your exercise in for the day while in the water? The average person can burn around 300 calories in just half an hour of swimming.

If you’re not into the whole lap thing, why not try treading water? Treading water for just half an hour can burn around 200 calories! So much easier than spending your time on the dreaded treadmill.


2. Hiking

This is another easy way to stay in shape! Hiking lets you enjoy the great outdoors while still burning a ton of calories. There are always hiking trails that you can easily find, and one great thing about hiking is that you can pick the difficulty! If you want something that’s easy, than choose a shorter route with a low incline. If you want something more challenging, go for a longer route with more hills. Whichever route you pick, the payoff with be rewarding. You’ll be one with nature in no time!


3. Rollerblading

Just think about it, when you were younger, rollerblades were the greatest things on the planet. Why not get back into them and try out your skills? Not only will you getting a great workout, you will have legs of steel in no time! Rollerblading is such an easy way to get in a workout because it is all cardio yet it ends up feeling like you’re not doing much work at all.


4. Dancing

A night of dancing can burn mega calories and is always a fun time. Surprisingly, just an hour of dancing can burn around 200 calories! So go find your local hot stop and get yourself out on the dance floor. Just make sure to stay away from those Pina Coladas!


5. Yoga/ Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are two great ways to tone your abs for summer. These two exercises are great, especially for the abs because you’re using all core muscles as well as your own body weight! The moves can be challenging at first, but you can easily build up through the moves with a little practice and end up feeling amazing!


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What are some of your favorite exercises for the summer? Do you like to find exercises to do indoors or spend the time outdoors? Let us know in the comments section below!


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