As we get older the carefree summer days disintegrate, the hormones start kicking in, and staying constantly active becomes harder and harder. ECG has come up with a sure fire way to stay active even when your not 12 years old playing soccer seven hours a day. Whether your interning five days a week or taking summer courses, these tips WILL get you with the beach bod you want to end the summer with! 


1. Start off slow

A whole winters worth of staying under the covers and indulging in hot chocolate won’t go away just because you decide to put on your running shoes and go to the gym. You won’t be able to run 3 miles as fast as you could last August when you ran every single day–you probably won’t be able to finish three whole miles. Start off slow; walk a bit before you start running. Do a 20 squats and than build up to 100.


2. Bring a Buddy

Ever hear the phrase “misery loves company”? Not only will having a friend workout next to you motivate you to workout for the full hour, but it will give you someone to try out that new pilates class with. Not to mention, someone to text everything you eat too or your weight. Trust me it’s a thing.


3. Tell People

I know it’s annoying to see all those “just left the gym” statuses on everyone’s social media nowadays, but making your exercise plan semi-public will motivate you to keep at it.  With Nike Plus, you can post when you begin your run and your facebook friends can “like” it while you’re running–giving you the extra willpower needed to hammer out that last mile.


4. Short on time? Download Apps

Before I had an Iphone, I always used to hate it when someone would tell me to download “this amazing app” but now I recognize the near-univerasality of smartphones. By downloading the Nike Training Club app, you can pick from hundreds of half an hour to an hour long workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own room.


5. Swap Soda For Water

It’s obvious, but alot of people don’t realize how many calories and unnecessary sugar is in soda. Ordering coke just seems to be second nature to most people. Unless you’re a severe sugar addict, you won’t miss that extra coke or sprite at dinner. You’ll feel more hydrated and healthier within a matter of days.


6.  Create a Goal

It’s easy to say “I’m going to get in shape this summer” and never follow up. Instead of the usual, vague goal, set a higher standard for yourself. Decide you want to run a certain time in a 5k (or even finish your first 5k), or that you want to be able to swim for an hour without stopping. Giving yourself a specific goal will keep you focused.

7. Write It Down


Writing down goals make them seem more real. Every time you exercise or choose the healthier food option, write it down for positive reinforcement.


  1. avatar Brooke says:

    Around 3-4 years ago I decided to stop drinking soda. I lost 10 pounds because of it in a short amount of time! So I 100% recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight. I haven’t craved a soda since.

  2. avatar Bailey Rasmussen says:

    I have posted multiple times and need my comment posted as soon as possible. Thanks

  3. avatar Bailey Rasmussen says:

    Water is said to also be a huge tool to loose weight. When drinking all the water is the better option to opt out more food and have drink more water to take in less calories, or do you loose more weight when you keep your body hydrated? Instead of just bulking up at the gym a simple tone would be helpful, and the gym just makes people pay big bucks for a personal trainer. Finding workouts that fit my schedule and space are extremely difficult.
    Goal setting has gotten me far academically, the struggle is physically. I fight some tough genes and a nonathletic family, which isn’t helpful. I’m looking for a future where I can be confident and happy, but I am always comparing myself to everyone. This bad habit has me very jealous and I need more motives.

  4. avatar Bailey Rasmussen says:

    I agree with this blog post to the full extent. This last month, my boyfriend and some of our mutual friends decided to get a Golds Gym pass in Tooele. My dad had always tried to talk me out of gym passes, as they are scams, already I am very self-conscious about my weight and really would like a change in my life. With my boyfriend there for encouragement, I thoroughly believed it would push me harder, he already stopped attending. It makes it hard for me to go without him, especially when we are already hanging out. The mornings to are rough too because you have to wake up extra early just to make sure you have enough time to workout because the gym closes early. It helps to have someone there to the extra push, but even when people distinguish a complement, it pushes for the extra mile. I still have the problem of not feeling the sensation of hunger, but I feel the need to eat or snack. This post is for a college class, if you could post it quickly. Thank you!

  5. avatar Jeremy says:

    The soda habit, while hard to kick, is a key hack to getting your summer body back. Soda spikes your insulin, causing you to store excess fat. So replace it with water, and you take a huge step toward your goals!

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