Every College Girl has her own perception and opinion on the dating norms and the unrealistic beauty standards of today. ECG decided to decode some of the assumptions and stereotypes that surround beauty and the modern hook up culture. I spoke with numerous young ladies who anonymously submitted their honest responses to each of these lingering questions. So enjoy a real and open chat with some very intriguing and authentic young women.


1.What do you find physically attractive?



-Nice hair

-Eyes, an athletic build (not necessarily a ripped six pack), short hair

-Physically fit body

-Low amount of body hair

-Muscular backs


-Smile, eyes, bi’s (biceps), height, hair flow, athletic build

-Fit body, nice smile, typically clean cut, eyes

-A nice jaw line

-Strong arms and a nice smile (one that makes you want to smile back)

-Teeth, a smile includes teeth and the sincerity of that smile. Eyes, not necessarily the color but just how much they are paying attention to what you are saying. A guy who is fit, but not necessarily someone who has a six pack but someone who cares about the health of their body.

-Fit bodies

-Dark hair, good smile, tattoos, and piercings (even if they are ugly tattoos and piercings it’s immediate bonus points)

-Nicely shaped eyebrows

-Facial hair

-Dark hair, light eyes, nice lips

-A lot of hair on the head- very good head hair

-Muscular arms

-Curly dark hair, brown or green eyes, buff arms, a strong jaw line


-Nice & clean teeth with a cute smile

-Guys who smile and look happy


-A nice stomach- flat & firm

-Clean face, beaming smile, short hair, slight muscle definition

-Nice face

-I find that a person in shape is much more attractive. Not insanely bulky though, but a sporty body.

-I’m drawn to a guy’s face. I could care less about how in shape they are. I just like a good face and height!

-Eyes and smile

-A great smile

2.What do you look for in a guy’s personality?

-Intelligence, being good at math is a bonus!


-Humor, honesty, trust, not afraid to embarrass themselves, and the ability to laugh at yourself.

-Confidence and the ability to make me laugh (he does not have to be labeled as being funny just as long as I can laugh)

-Humor and putting others first.

-Intelligence, ambition. I would prefer kindness over anything. Humor is always a plus.


-Caring, fun/funny, a guys-guy

-Hilarious, witty, confident, direct, driven

-Make me laugh

-Loyalty and Mystery

-Humor, being able to deal with my sarcasm and not taking things so seriously

-Being funny makes a guy 10 times more attractive. Also, I look for guys who are nice and can be trusted. Having a little bit of an attitude can be fun sometimes, but be careful with that because no one likes a douchebag

-Someone who appreciates funny things, not just being funny but the ability to laugh at funny things other than their own. Someone aware of other people’s opinions but isn’t obsessed. Someone who has a good relationship with their family but isn’t dependent on them. Someone who is sincere, they don’t have to agree with me all of the time but they just have to be real.

-Sense of humor

-The ability to hold a conversation

-A good sense of humor. Being able to laugh is an important part of any relationship

-You know how girls say he’s “too nice“, I’m all about it. I’ll take all the nice ones

-Kindness and Intelligence

-Personalities a little odder then mine, so I can make fun of them


-A guy who’s intelligent but also can have fun; someone who I know will accomplish their goals but won’t be annoying and knows how to relax on their way to achieving them

-Being thoughtful and actually caring about what I want and what I need

-The ability to make me laugh, and I would hope that they could be a little clever with their humor. I like when guys assert some confidence because that makes them more physically attractive. They also have to be intelligent and passionate for something.

-Being genuine

-Someone who is honest, respectful, and asks questions to get to know me. He has to make me laugh and be able to laugh at things. Someone who is family oriented as well.

– Guys who are accepting, open minded. And my number one is they have to be an individual. I love a confident guy who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

-Being genuine.

-Someone who is honest, respectful, and asks questions to get to know me.

-My number one is being an “individual”. I love a confident guy who does not care what anyone else thinks…I find that extremely attractive.

-I look for a guy that can make me laugh and never takes things too seriously.

-They need to be funny, I love guys that can make me laugh. Intelligence is a must. Confidence is great, but I don’t like guys that are cocky. They need to be interesting and personable.

3.What is your biggest pet peeve about guys?  large-28

-Lack of cleanliness

-Cockiness (big difference between confidence & cockiness)

-When they’re passive or a mooch

-Being stubborn

-Guys that think they are entitled to something from you


-When guys only treat you like you exist because they think they can get something out of it

-When a guy offers to do the dishes and they all end up still being dirty when he’s done. Why offer if you’re not even going to try?

-Not knowing how to communicate with yourself and others.

-They don’t know what the term foreplay means.

-When boys assume that women do everything in a sexual situation for a man’s pleasure. They forget that sexuality and sexual acts, even those performed on men, can be for a women’s pleasure too. I hate it when boys take it for granted that a girl is going to want sex at all- I miss boys asking for explicit consent. I also wish boys were more open with girls about how they are feeling about someone/something- mind games are exhausting.

-When guys aren’t clear about how they feel or what they want out of a relationship with another person.

-Don’t kiss and tell.

-Not being open or honest about feelings.

-Denying sensitivity- we know they have feelings too!

-They think they know what’s best for you but they don’t.

-Too pushy.

-Thinking they know what we want (being very confident about that) and not willing to listen when we correct the assumption.

-Mixed messages. Also guys that pull shady things. Even if there’s 0 commitment involved then be respectful of my willingness to be a bro. Also, it’s annoying that guys always assume girls want certain things out of even just a hookup or date: CHILL let a girl speak for herself. And guys complain that girls jump to conclusions or freak out about things but guys do the same exact thing! Finally, it’s a HUGE pet peeve when guys try to have sex without condoms.

-When they just want to chill but say things or do things that make you think they want to do more than that.

-Not listening.


-Not knowing want they want for themselves and reacting by playing games with everyone else.


-Not responding to my texts. I know they are looking at their phones, yet they just don’t know how to respond in a timely fashion.

-Can’t cook/clean for himself.

-When things are said for the sake of getting laid.

-Automatically giving girls labels like crazy or irrational. I’m not ashamed of how I feel about things and it’s not called “crazy” it’s called honesty.

-I am completely turned off my immature guys

-Take responsibility. You did it just own it and take responsibility, things would be so much easier.

4.What do you wish guys did more of?

-Sweet little things- like notes or love letters.c1d99d2c60baa85df314b1882f84492e

-Romance, courtship.

-Were more trustworthy, as in it would be nice not to worry about them getting drunk and hooking up with other girls.

-Asking people out on dates instead of texting at 2 in the morning.

-Ask questions.



-Reach out.

-More effort on first date.

-It’s okay to ask a girl on a date or to have a conversation with her; you can be friends with a girl that you like.


-Asking me what I want/like/want to do. Asking questions in general, if I were interested in you, I would hope you would want to learn something about me too. Relationships or dating is no fun if the conversation is totally one-sided.

-Randomly asking girls out on dates.

-Communicated more.

-Be upfront about what you want or what you are thinking.

-I wish boys noticed girls who are not the conventional version of pretty and are just as beautiful and worthwhile.

-Initiating a hand holding.


large-7-Acts of chivalry and possession of good manners.

-Watching chic flicks and actually taking it in. Everyone needs a little romance once in a while.

-If you’re unsure about what a girl is thinking just ask them. It’s not a big deal and it’s better than making an assumption because you’re probably assuming wrong.

-Knowing how to handle a causal hook up.

-Text me first more often.

-Random acts- showing they care (i.e. planning a spontaneous date or showing up randomly with flowers).

-Being aware of  little things that make a girl’s day better, as well as being more honest about their thoughts/feelings.

-Asked girls on dates more… Or just to hang out sober without the pressure of hooking up. I wish they wanted to get to know us first. They don’t seem to understand that with some effort, girls will feel more comfortable with physical things… Those things are so much better with someone you actually like… For both people involved.

-Do more things on dates besides Netflix or wine nights. There is a big world out there that needs exploring.

5.How do you feel about guys who are considered promiscuous/easy?


-Guys aren’t classified as “easy”, our sexist society never labels men as promiscuous but as “bros” so this question cannot be answered.

-Most guys these days are considered promiscuous. It’s very rare to meet a guy who hasn’t been with a lot of girls or who isn’t “easy“. It’s not shocking anymore. I expect it and I think most girls expect it.


-Who cares as long as they treat people right.

-Depends on the situation. If I am looking to date them I will proceed with more caution but if I am just trying to have some fun then that’s fine too.


-Indifferent. But when it comes to a situation with myself or one of my friends, I suggest that they don’t get involved with him because they would just be another girl that he uses and I wouldn’t want them to get unrealistic expectations.

-If they’re not douchebags to the girls they hook up with, I don’t have a problem with it; do what you got to do to be happy, should be a judgment free deal.

-It shouldn’t matter… but I do judge them. They are kind of dirty to me. But usually those people aren’t very nice people.

-Not a good sign.

-It’s your body, you do you… just do it safely.

-Both men and women should be free to explore their own sexuality with as many or as few of people as they desire, and regardless of gender, they should not be labeled or stigmatized because of it. What if men weren’t players, and women weren’t sluts, and instead we were all just people?


-Clearly a double standard.

-Guys just want sex, that’s all they want to do.

-Ask him if he has STDs.


-This question should be used to comment on the sexism in our country.

-Do what you want but be safe and be respectful. Use condoms and get yourself tested every once in a while.

-They give off the idea that they don’t really care about women and they just do what they want, but then again it could be something different and I just don’t know the whole situation.

-I don’t think it’s fair to call someone “easy” just because they want to have sex. It’s natural and it shouldn’t be that big of a deal for either gender. And it’s messed up that it’s a bigger deal for women.

-I’m not interested.

-You do you (literally & figuratively).

-There’s a time and place for everything but you know just do you… But I will not.

-I don’t really have a problem with that, as long as they are clean.

-Easy guys are not regarded the same way as easy girls. Sometimes if I know a guy has “slept around”, I almost take it as a challenge to be the one he settles down with. Other times, I think well since this guy has been with so many girls why would I want to be just another number?

-I don’t care what they do, as long as they don’t hurt anyone and their partner is aware of their intentions.

-I choose not associate with promiscuous guys. If they cannot respect themselves or women I do not want to be around them.

-Not worth the effort to try to get to know them on a more intimate level if they are available to everyone.

-Who cares as long as they treat people right.

-I stay away from that.

6.What is your dream date?


-Dinner at a rooftop restaurant and then a walk around the city.

-Anything spontaneous and fun where I can really get to know the other person.

-I need someone who really appreciates food, so he would order the best options at a restaurant and we just talk as though we have known each other for years.

-I’m pretty low-key so it could range from chilling with frozen yogurt and Netflix to playing basketball one on one.

-Take me outside! Let’s go hiking up a mountain, have a picnic at the top with a nice bottle of wine, and watch the sunset together. I love being physically active, and there’s nothing quite like enjoying natures greatest pleasures together.

– Anything really, as long as it’s with the right guy.



-Private helicopter.

-Ice Skating or Hiking.

-Being able to be myself, where I can laugh a lot and eat great food.

-Going to a rock concert.

-Spontaneous day trip to the beach- go in the water, picnic on the sand, sailing, and jet skiing!

-Amusement park.

-Going on a hike, then eating yummy food.

– Snorkelling and being able to experience the amazing ocean and sea life with my date.



-Going to the zoo or the aquarium

-Just something that him or I put thought into and means something to both of us.

-Anything active followed by dinner.

-A day filled with events. We would first go on a hike in the morning, preferably on a mountain that has a breath taking view so when we reach the top we can have a romantic kiss and a cute picnic. Next we would go into the city, see a movie, and then go to dinner at a restaurant with some quality pasta dishes and dessert!

-The two of us ride bikes to a place with water, sit on the bridge overlooking the water, and talk for awhile.

-Dinner in the city, followed by a walk through the park to watch the stars.

-Going on a trip.

-Taking a boat to an island, drinking really good drinks, and cooking food on the beach.

-Dinner and a sporting event like a baseball or basketball game.

7.How do you feel about being in a relationship during college?

-A time investment, it should go on my resume to be honest.

-If it makes you happy then go for it, but if at any point you are dissatisfied then stop.


-We get into relationships just out of comfort and boredom. And then it takes over your life… and you put more of a serious note on it then it really should be.

-It really depends on the people. You can meet the person you are suppose to be with for the rest of your life, but a lot of people think they have to do this. When you take the pressure off of this aspect, those are the relationships that have the most success.

-As long as each person trusts the other, relationships in college can be very successful. I’m sure that relationships are a lot easier when the two people go to the same school.

-They can go either way. If you’re lucky and you work at it, it can be a really great experience. It’s nice having someone to rely on when things get hard.

-It’s hard, it could be fun but there’s no point in getting invested in someone you don’t see working out in the long run.

-Why not? This time is no different then any other time of your life. Go for it.

-Never have & probably never will.

-Long distance is a whole different ballgame.

-Experience college single for at least two years. College is a crazy fun intense experience and it’s better if you don’t add a relationship on top of that. You are still getting to know who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. You need to take care of yourself first.

-It depends. If you’re in that stage of your life where you are ready for that then it’s a great experience. However, if you’re still in that hookup mentality then that’s probably not the best move for yourself. It all just depends.

-It’s a great experience; you should never shy away from it if you want to be in one. In college, it’s a great way to learn a lot about yourself before you let loose on the world.


-Why not? They are the easiest and most convenient relationships you may ever have. I’ve had relationships at my university as well as students outside of my school, and the ability to see someone so frequently (whether it be in classes or activities) is a rare opportunity. While college can be a time for exploring yourself and your own perspectives on sexuality, if you care about another person there’s no reason not to pursue a relationship with them. College is a great time for dating too.

-If you can balance a relationship with everything else you have going on in college that’s great! At the same time, I feel that being more causal about boys is fine as well.  To each is own.

-Makes no difference if it’s in college or not.

-I was in a relationship for almost half of my college career and it was great until it wasn’t… I loved having the company and knowing that someone would always be there for me, but, sometimes, good things just have to come to an end. Basically, as long as you can balance spending time with your friends and seeing your boyfriend, being in a relationship is great! Relationships do get tricky as you get older because you are unsure of your future is with them, let alone your own future! It is certainly a balancing act.

-I’m all for it as long as it’s healthy and makes you better.

-College can be very lonely and I want a relationship. But right now is also not a very good time for one… I have a plan for my future and I’m a firm believer in nothing getting in the way of that plan.


-I don’t know about on-campus relationships, but long distance relationships are horrible.

-I approve of it, but I do not approve of being in a relationship just to “be in one”. You have to really care for this person and should be able to see a future with them. Otherwise, relationships are waste of time especially in college when we only have four years.

-Perfectly fine for me. I would love to have one.

-College is a time where you experiment, and it’s difficult, but kudos to those making it work.

-I like it; it’s so fun being in love!

-A huge commitment. At our age there isn’t much a point in being with someone unless you see it going somewhere in your future otherwise what’s the point in investing feelings.

-It’s good for some people but for others it really keeps them away from their friends.

-Coming into college with a boyfriend really hinders some people in my opinion. I feel like it makes them meet fewer people.

8. How do you feel about the idea of girls hooking up with an abundance of men and the way that is looked at?

-If that’s what you want it’s fine. Yet a lot of girls don’t really want that and they are compromising and just hook up with a ton of people. Women shouldn’t do it to get the approval of your friends (in theory).

-It’s up to them to do what they want however our society does look at this in a negative stigma which should be considered, it should not be that way but that’s the reality.

-People are free to whatever they want without judgement.large-14

-Personally I used to think it was disgusting, but I’ve learned to totally accept people for what they want to do. It all depends on the person and how they feel about themselves.

-It’s your body, it’s your life. It’s none of my business.

-It depends on what the girl wants.

-One should have respect for themselves and hooking up with an abundance of men is not the way to go about it. But if a girl wants to do that, she shouldn’t be persecuted by being called a slut or “easy” for a behavior that most guys do themselves.

-People shouldn’t take such a negative view of the idea. As long as the girls are happy with their choices and have fun there is no reason it should be looked down upon because it is ultimately their decision.

-It’s typically thought of as bad, but I obviously don’t think so. Some people are more sexual and can do what ever they want.

-If girls want to hook up with a ton of guys because they enjoy it then honestly good for them, just don’t act like a jerk towards the guys afterwards and always use protection. Girls who are more sexually active are definitely seen in a more negative light than guys.

-It should be accepted. Open acceptance is great because people can feel SAFE being who they are and acting how they want.

-It’s fine but I don’t think there should be any out of the ordinary reactions to any decision a girl makes.

-Do what you want as long as your being safe about it and not letting guys treat you poorly. As long as you feel like you’re being respected then go for it. People need to stop perpetuating the double standard. Some girls are okay with hooking up with many guys and some are not, and both are equally valid lifestyle choices. One or the other does not make you less.large-15

-I despise how guys can hook up with a lot of girls and it’s nothing but the other way around is some huge deal. If a girl hooks up with a lot of guys good for her. Just as long as she treats people properly; same goes for guys.

-Everyone has a ‘freshman year’ at some point. It’s just a phase. Go have fun.

-Do whatever you want but the fact that they are perceived so negatively is not the right way to deal with it. Obviously something triggered that behavior whether it’s insecurity, loneliness, or low self esteem (this isn’t the case for all but definitely for some). We should try to help the situation by being open and friendly rather than saying bad things behind their backs.

-A bit complicated.

-As long as they’re not home-wrecking!

-Empowering, the choice to stop caring and do what you need to do. To each is own.

-It’s preposterous that boys are applauded for hooking up with a lot of girls and girls can’t do the same thing without being called sluts. Everyone likes sex so we should stop kidding ourselves and realize that it’s human to want it. If a girl wants to hook up with a bunch of guys, more power to her!

-I am not the type of person who would hook up with an abundance of men, but I feel that the stigma that surrounds that in society needs to end and we need to realize that not everyone wants to have the conventional monogamous relationship during college. Society should be okay with that.

-Totally fine as long as the girl is not being self-destructive. If the girl is confident in her self and wont regret her decisions, then she should be able to do whatever she wants! Though she definitely needs to be safe and smart about it. The way it is being looked at is changing, or maybe I am just noticing that because I am older. I do know that there is a difference if a freshman has slept with 10+ guys as opposed to a senior. I also know that my views about girls sleeping around have changed as I have gotten older.

-There is still a double standard. Guys are studs if they do it; girls are sluts if they do it. But it does not shock me if a girl is promiscuous. It’s very rare I meet a girl who hasn’t been with a lot of guys and wants to hold out for a something meaningful.

-If it is not broadcasted on social media/elevated by rumors, a girl can do & is allowed to do whatever she likes. The double standard of calling a girl a “slut” but a guy a “player” is overrated.large-13

-I love meeting girls who view sex or just hooking up as casual as guys do. I do not. I feel guilty and dirty if I hook up with a lot of guys who only want me physically. It was how I was raised and how a lot of girls are raised. However, I’m often dissatisfied with my sex life and I could easily fix that but I am aware that I’d feel worse afterwards. Sex is not dirty or bad…it’s natural. Women have the same needs as men, yet our needs can’t be met without a bad reputation and a “loss of innocence”. Those who can have their needs met without feeling guilty… I envy and respect you.

-Each girl to her own. Girls should not be punished for being with a large amount of men, I have many friends who have done just that. Everyone is entitled to there own prerogative and I do not judge anyone for their sexual habits.

– It’s looked at generally negatively… I really don’t judge girls for it at all.

9.How do you feel about your own weight/appearance and the social media craze/pressures?


I wish it didn’t affect me and the media does a really bad job of portraying women’s bodies. Women in general have bodies of all shapes and sizes. The media needs to show that variety. Every girl I know feels bad about their body, and that’s really sad.

-I’m always looking to drop a few lbs but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got going on for me right now. The social media is always changing, the trends are rising and falling, and big booties are coming back into “style” so I’ve never really taken all that too seriously. I can appreciate beauty when I see it, whether it’s in a guys six pack or his attempts at lame jokes that still get a laugh out of me

-There is a lot of pressure to be skinny, and I don’t think there is enough education on being healthy. Way too much pressure is placed on looking thin rather than being fit.

-It took me a long time to get to the point where I can say I think I’m freaking awesome and beautiful and anyone who says I’m not can go screw themselves. Every girl needs to surround herself with people that remind her how beautiful she is inside and out everyday. Coming to terms with who you are and what you look like is the key to being happy.

-I’m perfect!!! In all seriousness the social media obsession is crazy and doesn’t set a good example for young girls or boys.

-Absurd. It’s absurd that it affects so many people. The fact that our society advertises this impossible standard that without photoshop is  impossible to attain. I don’t think it will change, and it’s a hopeless endeavor to try to change it.

-I am happy with both. Happiness stems from within. I don’t use social media much so I experience much of the pressure from actual exposure.

-The media has affected 100% all of the girls I’ve grown up with and myself. There is this idea of the “perfect image” and that is not real.

-It’s hard to be a plus size girl in the world right now… There are definitely certain pockets of social media that build on self-confidence. Selfies make me feel awesome. People make fun of that kind of thing a lot… but if it makes you feel good then don’t worry. You do you and own it.

-My own perceptions vary on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel hot, and sometimes not so much… There’s not much else too it. I try to ignore social pressures regarding how women are supposed to look and act, but I’m not invincible. There is a lot of pressure on women and standards on their bodies. Honestly at the end of the day I try to do what makes me feel comfortable in my own skin, that’s what really matters.large-20

-I have a pretty high self confidence, but I find myself wanting to over-sexualize myself to fit into society.

-I perceive myself as someone with a lot of room for improvement, just because I’m athlete and I always want to be in the perfect form. I also think I have a realistic view because I look at these models and understand half them have a ton of problems as well.

-I’m perfectly happy with myself because I find that we’re all kinds of beautiful. Everyone’s unique. And honestly even models want to look like themselves on the cover of a magazine. We just have to accept ourselves and realize that every individual is beautiful in different ways.

-I’m self-conscious but I feel as if everyone is self-conscious. But you should be defined on how you deal with it.

-Everyone always wants to be ‘skinnier‘ or ‘prettier‘ and that’s just the way our society has molded us to think.

-I am still working out my own weight and appearance but I am happy with who I am on the inside, and that’s what really matters. The pressure placed on appearance from social media is insane. We need more representation of different body types and different ideas of beauty because that would help young people gain more confidence in their own appearance as a very small percentage of the world actually looks like what’s on the cover of the magazines and runways.

-I feel pretty good about it! Although if a guy ever said something negative to me about it that would probably be really rough… Social media does put a lot of pressure on people to look perfect all the time but just remind yourself that what you see on social media is not real life. Most pictures are posed and heavily edited with filters and different apps. One thing I don’t like is the recent fad of promoting a fuller body type by means of condemning those who don’t have one… Though it’s not the same, it’s still damaging to others. As long as you know you’re living a healthy life style, you don’t need to be concerned about the rest. large-10

-I have always been pretty confident with my appearance, but I know that is a rare trait to come by. I’ve always been grateful for my self-confidence and I wish I could pass it along to more people. I have seen some of my friends’ battle with weight/appearance issues and I am not sure if that has to do with the way media portrays body image or if it has to do with the way we constantly compare ourselves to one another… The media has definitely done a great job in trying to convey that all bodies are beautiful, but that has just driven us to compare ourselves to our peers and this societal change is new and has been very difficult to deal with.

-I feel great about my weight/appearance. The social media pressures are definitely tough sometimes, but the best thing a woman can do is love her own look and go confidently through life.

-Though I am a healthy weight, and am deemed thin by my peers, I constantly struggle with my body… I always want to be thinner. Girls have a lot of pressure to look perfect for men. The emphasis in media should be to be healthy not skinny.

-Social pressures are ridiculous; especially when people get physically sick over how they look. My physical appearance is okay but I would like to be more healthy and fit for the sake of feeling good.

-I am very happy with my own weight and appearance. I have come to terms with my body image. I have not always been comfortable with the way I look, but I’ve slowly figured out that not all men like stick figures. I have had so many guys tell me I have a nice figure, I am muscular with curves. It takes time to learn that it’s okay to be a different body type. I am always working to make myself stronger, not skinnier. Health should always be a priority.

-I’m starting to learn that as an athlete, my body undergoes a lot of changes from season to season. Sometimes I’m very happy with my body, and some days I wish it was different. I’ve become more accepting of my appearance, and try to focus more on being fit and in shape and not focus on weight. As long as you are healthy, you shouldn’t worry too much about weight. Other characteristics like intelligence and personality matter a lot more in the long run, and society should focus on pressuring us to be better people than to look a certain way and consider this as the one and only type of  “beauty“. Beauty comes in many forms, and we need to emphasize this so people stop obsessing over looking a certain way.


-I’m pretty self-conscious about my appearance. I’m very driven towards the “skinny” that social media depicts, despite being an athlete and knowing how that body type is not ideal for being healthy. I find it very difficult on a college campus because the desserts are better than the food and portion sizes aren’t easy to control!

-I’m content with my weight and appearance. I work out and live a healthy lifestyle. However, the social media craze and pressure to look a certain way is ridiculous and unrealistic.

-I am more comfortable in my skin now than I’ve ever been. But it’s taken a long time to get to this point and I still constantly need to work on it. The media tells girls that to be beautiful you have to be a size 0. That’s just not the case. We have to learn to stop comparing ourselves to anyone else.

-My appearance is something that I try to not think about too much but ultimately there is no escaping your own opinion of your appearance. I secretly battle everyday with my reflection, whether I look thin or if my face is attractive. Social media pressures have only heightened the need to look a certain way. I look at myself in the mirror differently then how I appear in photos or how other people see me.


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Were you surprised by these responses? How do you feel about these particular stereotypes and gender social norms?

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  1. avatar Michelle says:

    Wow, this is so diverse, I am really impressed. I think this reflects almost everything that could be said about these questions . (Well, you still could say a lot more…) I think that college is THE place where girls and women can finally or should finally be independent and know what they can do and that nobody should stop them from doing what they want. Although I think, that stereotypes like these affect the younger generation in great parts, college can finallyn be the place for you to be free. But stereotypes and norms wouldn’t be stereotypes and norms if they did not occur everywhere. It is a tough question but I think it is really important to go through with the things you want, no matter what. <3

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