Though we may be in the midst of the winter months, shiny, healthy, beautiful hair doesn’t have to hibernate. If you find yourself battling winter frizz and dullness, fight back with these tips to trick your hair into thinking it’s summer – and before you know it, it will be!

Deep condition at least once a week

I can’t say enough good things about deep conditioning, it’s right up there with hot cocoa on a cold day or finding money in your pocket. Depending on your hair type you may need to adjust how often you use a deep conditioner – thicker, coarser hair would benefit from deep conditioning twice a week, while very fine hair would do best with once every other week to avoid greasy product buildup. Find what works for you, and embrace a deep conditioning treatment into your regular showering routine. It doesn’t need to be time consuming, after shampoo and regular conditioning, simply leave a deep conditioning mask in your hair while you’re shaving your legs, then rinse and voila!

Use oil treatments before you use heat, oils we love: Moroccan oil

Before blow drying, straightening, or curling your hair, use about a dime size of an oil treatment to rub through your ends to protect them from heat and breakage while adding intense shine. I recommend Moroccan oil, but any brand will do. Moroccan oil can be expensive, about $30 for a medium-sized bottle, but it lasts for a long time because you only need to use a dime-size amount every time.

Opt for brushes with wide tooth combs

Using a wide tooth comb helps to prevent breakage and frizz as it has less pull on the hair. An additional tip is to wait to comb through your hair until after you blow dry, simply use your fingers when it’s damp during the blow drying process, it will prevent excess breakage.

Finish your wash with a cold rinse

As miserable as cold water in the winter sounds, at the very end of your shower after you’ve already been enjoying the hot water, take a one minute cold rinse through your hair. The trick is that cold water helps to seal in the shampoo and conditioner’s proteins and healing complexes.

Don’t over blow dry

As a general rule of thumb, avoid blow drying on the hottest setting. While it’s tempting to cut your blow drying time in half, you’re also robbing your hair of essential moisture. Excess blow drying is the number one cause of frizz, so play it safe with a medium to low heat setting, you’ll still get plenty of shine but with less frizz.

What do you think?

What are you favorite ways to fake out winter frizz? How do you keep your hair luscious in the winter? Let us know in the comments section!


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  1. avatar Zala Hair says:

    Those tips for restoring hair’s summer beauty in winter are fantastic! It’s smart to adjust products and routines seasonally based on hair’s changing needs. Helpful recommendations!

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