It’s only the end of July and you’re already bored of summer, huh? Well, join the club. The t-shirts are lame and no one brings snacks to the meetings. If you are like me, you find yourself incapable of doing any kind of heavy lifting other than opening up your laptop .

Swagbucks will help you fill in those boring moments. On Swagbucks, you can watch videos, shop online, answer surveys, play games and discover offers, all while earning points called SB that can be redeemed for free gift cards!

So snap out of your summer slump or you won’t have any stories to tell your friends when you go back to school. Through Swagbucks, you can discover great things online and irl.

Check out the Swagbucks “Discover” tab for fun stuff for everyone!

Adventurers: It’s like the question “What do you want to eat?” Suddenly, can’t name a single food under the sun.  And it’s not because I don’t want to eat anything, there are just too many options and….I’m kind of broke. So when I try to think of fun things to do, its a mental ghost town. Tumbleweed and all. But with Groupon, I can pick and choose from super fun things to do near me at discounted prices. I can even get my friends in the mix for a fun, memorable night. (7% cashback + coupons)

Gamers: I spent an entire month playing Call of Duty: Ghosts last summer. It was intense. Test out new games and snatch gamer swag by signing up for Gamefly and Loot Crate. When else can you guiltlessly power through a 12 hour gaming marathon? No homework, no distractions. Just you. Killing zombies. In space. Subscribe to Gamefly for access to hundred of games and movies. Its like Netflix for gamers. Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box that sends you the coolest new gamer gear – t-shirts, collectibles, comics! It’s everything I need to satisfied my geeky side. (2000 SB = $20)

Go-Getters: For you, this lull is impossible to deal with. You’re used to working hard but now, you’re hardly working. Make yourself feel productive by crafting a resume and cover letter for any aesthetic with and You can even explore the Swagbucks “Watch” page for interview and networking tips. Still bored? Scope out part-time jobs in your area or around your school with Start investigating summer internships. This will get you that head start on all those other slackers who spent their summer at camp or abroad….whatever, not jealous. (100 SB)

Money-Makers: You haven’t been going out a lot this summer to save money but the hermit life seven days a week is starting to get to you. Driving with Uber means that you can take long drives, talk to interesting people and make serious cash for when you go back to school. Uber lets you make your own hours so its less restricting than a regular summer job. Plus, you can pick it right back up on your next break. All you need is a car and a phone. (4750 SB = $45)

Artists: Whether you’re an Art major or just a zealous sorority girl, crafting is a great way to kill an afternoon or 30. It can be a way to perfect some techniques, express yourself and have fun, especially with a couple friends. Plus, if you’re a sorority girl who knows she will be getting a little of her own this year, getting a head start of crafting for Big/Little week is a great way to start getting excited for your srat fams new member! JoAnn and Michaels both have hundreds of supplies to keep your hands busy. They also have great sales so you don’t become a starving artist. (2% cashback + coupons)

Suddenly, you’re returning back to school with a fat wallet, a beautiful resume and tons of pics on your insta. So tell your mom to get off your back about being on your computer. You’re being productive.

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Author: Daisy Kelly

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