2013 gave rise to the celebrity trend of dagger nails, also called stiletto nails. Lady Gaga was one of the first to sport this crazy, cat-like look in 2012, but stars like Rihanna, Demi, and Katy also rocked long, pointy acrylics the past year.

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But with the start of a new year, these loud, in-your-face nails are being toned down for a a little bit more subtle look: almond nails! These nails are almost as long as the stilettos, but they are rounded off into an almond shape instead of being ferocious and sharpened on the ends. They might not be as extreme, but this look is definitely more wearable. Can you imagine trying to type an essay or text with dagger nails? Maybe celebrities who can afford to constantly redo their nails loved this trend, but for a college girl on a budget, these nails are much more practical.


What do you think? Are the almond nails still too edgy for you, or would you rock this look? Comment below!


Author: Becca Grischow


  1. Marlene says:

    I HATE dagger nails. They click on things and look pointed and annoying.

  2. Keisha says:

    Have been getting these kinds of nails for awhile. They’re easy to work with. I could put in and take out my contacts with ease. I love them. Easy to type and text with them too. Love it!

    • Uggo says:

      I was still scarred from my eye doctor when I wrote that. But, I still don’t think anyone working with eyes should have long nails. If you can function, have at it!

  3. Uggo says:

    Still ugly as fuck nails. Plus, they’re dangerous! My own eye doctor had these nails. Terrifying putting my eye drops in!

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