There are three words that can frighten the high heels off a college girl, make her fly higher than the clouds, or intently confuse her… all at the same time: I. Love. You. This tiny little sentence can change everything in a relationship for better or worse, and once they’re said there’s no going back.

When somebody (particularly someone who you’re in a relationship with) says, “I love you,” they often expect to hear the words back. But what if you’re unsure if you’re ready to reply in kind?

Don’t rush it. If the person really loves you, they’ll be patient and give you time to get comfortable with the idea, and won’t pressure you into saying something you’re not prepared to say. Let’s face it, love causes us to put our feelings out there… more than often, our hearts are on the line. Love is something that’s worth putting thought into. Things are even harder if a past relationship or other hurts are fresh in the mind. Give yourself time. Don’t force yourself into anything. If you care about the other person, the words will come naturally someday.

For some of us, however, “I love you,” means instant butterflies. From the minute those words are heard it’s takeoff and we feel like we’re floating. Hold on there girlfriend. Take in the feeling of being loved and how amazing it feels, but make sure you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground while your head is in the clouds. Stay realistic about the relationship while rolling in that happy feeling, and don’t get too sensitive if things go wrong in the relationship from time to time. It happens. Simply enjoy the moment.

Remember: The words, “I love you,” shouldn’t be given lightly. Too many people are hurt by others who say those words without fully meaning it. If you are considering saying “I love you,” to someone, think about what saying that means to you and what it could possibly mean for the other person. You should never say “I love you” unless you truly and fully mean it, throwing the words around carelessly poses a risk for hurt feelings in the future.

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