Heading home this holiday season? If you are like me, you might think that bringing your entire makeup drawer with you is a good idea. I mean you never know when you might need those glitter false eyelashes or your enormous eyeshadow pallet that contains a thousand different colors. Even though I think it is important to bring along a couple of beauty items that you might not use everyday, it is important to remember to edit when you pack. Here are some suggested products to help you looking fresh and energized, despite the state that finals week may have left you in:

Blemish Concealer:

With all of that stress from studying and holiday madness, who wouldn’t want a little wand to get rid of that stress from showing up on your face? Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer does exactly that. By concealing and healing those irritating pimples, it provides full-coverage, while treating a breakout with salicylic acid.

Cheek Cream:

To get that dewy, natural glow, dab a creamy cheek colour in a natural peach shade on the apples of your cheeks and blend! Or make it a two-in-one and blot it on your lips to create a lip stain that will last all day!

Product Image Pixi Cheek Crème - Natural Peach

Pixi Cheek Creme


Almost every girl cannot leave her house without it, unless she has been blessed with thick, long,voluminous lashes. Try Benefit BADgal lash mascara to perk up your tired eyes.

BADgal lash mascara

Mini Straightening Iron:

A straightener that is compact and cordless? It’s true! The Metropolis Mini Wireless Straightening Iron is travel-friendly and will keep your tresses looking polished and sleek all holiday long.

What Do You Think?

What are your beauty essentials for packing for home? Are you bringing anything special along? Leave us a comment and let us know.


  1. avatar Gabrielle says:

    Good tips, but I wouldn’t recommend the Badgal lash mini – it flakes very badly. Sephora Brand Mini Mascara works better for me… It pains me to say this as a Benefit junkie but it’s so true!

  2. avatar Sari says:

    Good post idea! Any chance will see a list of clothing essentials for break?

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