Don’t let stress get you down this holiday season! Use our handy gift-giving guide to help you find the perfect present on any budget.

This week, we’re focusing on the fashionista. Buying presents for the fashionista can be a daunting task because people’s styles are so different. So what you can get for your most fashionable friend? Here are a few ideas:

Under $10

The thing on every fashionista’s wish list this season? Warmth! Give your gal pal the gift of a cozy winter with one of these snuggly accessories:

$10 – $20

The one thing every girl needs in her closet, no matter her style? Classic jewelry like pearls and diamonds. They don’t have to be real to look good – check out these wallet-friendly options:

$20 – $50

If you have a little more to spend, why not try getting her something she’ll be able to use for a long time, even when the weather is unpredictable? Try one of these cute gifts:

$50 – $100

At this price range, you can afford to give something a little more extravagant. A warm coat would be just the thing to keep your friend warm and stylish!

Over $100

If you have $100 or more to spend, splurge on your fashionista and get her something she wouldn’t buy for herself! Check out these cute items:

What Do You Think?

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? What’s at the top of your wish list? Leave us a comment and let us know!


  1. avatar Tiffany says:

    I absolutely love that peacoat!

  2. avatar Ashley says:

    Agreed with Irina- I still don’t know what to get my boyfriend! A post on that would be super-helpful:)

  3. avatar Sari says:

    I like the cute, cheap options best! I need to brainstorm gifts for my mom. Can’t wait for more of these gift guides :)

  4. avatar Irina says:

    Oh I definitely love this post! What about the same guide for shopping for your boyfriend or parents?

  5. avatar Charlotte says:

    I would love those amazing gloves under my christmas tree, but i’d settle for the purple beanie!!


  6. avatar Melissa says:

    Cute post! A scarf is always a great gift. (:

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