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I thought of 5 great gift ideas for the ladies you are buying for this year. In most of my explanations I explained how this gifts are good for college age girls, but these gifts could also go to your mom or aunt! So read on for so more gift ideas!

PS: If your boyfriend needs help thinking of something for you, maybe you should make this post his homepage. Then maybe he’ll take the hint…

1. Gift Card (any amount!)

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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a gift card is a gift giver’s best friend. If you are buying for a trendy girl who loves clothes this is perfect. No guessing their sizes! And when in doubt get a gift card for Starbucks or Amazon.

2. Magazine Subscription (varies)

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When girls go to college they typically forget about renewing a magazine subscription, so you can do it for her! This is an inexpensive gift that will keep giving all year, literally! Try Amazon for some really good deals. And if you happen to be shopping for me I’d love to see a copy of Women’s Health sent to my mailbox…

3. Naked 2 Palette (under $60)

Get it here.

Urban Decay has come out with the new, highly anticipated Naked 2 Palette, and it is selling out like crazy. If you are lucky enough to buy this before Christmas it would be an amazing gift for any girl who loves makeup. And I don’t think an IOU on Christmas for a Naked 2 Palette is completely ridiculous…at least not if it is for me!

4. Shadow Box Display (under $15/DIY)

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I saw this idea and just fell in love with it.  Target has 12×12″ boxes for $9.99, so that’s a great place to start.. For the girl on your list buy the shadow box, make a background for it, fill it with a few pictures or novelties, and then leave her with instructions to customize the rest of the display. Use a fun theme like a trip she’s taken or even make themed around the college she is attending! Once the display is complete it will make a great wall hanging.

5. Sugar Scrub (under $10/DIY)

Find recipes here.

Having a sugar scrub during the winter months may be a godsend for one of the ladies on your list. I found these great recipes for making your own sugar scrubs with things from your own cupboard! The main ingredients are sugar and oil, and you can customize to make your own. I cannot wait to make one using candy cane pieces!

What Do You Think?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? What advice can you share? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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