How to make the perfect sock bun

Struggling with stragglers, fly-aways, and general hair calamities can cause a lot of stress for those special occasions. Everything has to look sleek and be combed into place. So, whether going to an intimidating job interview or a snazzy party, a classic bun is a cool way to dress your hair in case of up-do crisis. The real question is how do you do a bun? We all know the sloppy buns, and the unfinished pony-tail buns, but the new way to go is the sleeker sock-bun. Once you get over the initial embarrassment of attaching a piece of footwear to your head…


  • one tube-sock (the longer the sock the bigger the bun)
  • two hair bands
  • five or so bobby pins.

Step One

Grab a tube-sock that matches your hair color. It doesn’t have to be perfect but I would advise against choosing the bright pink and blue polka-dotted one if you’re a brunette. Cut a quarter sized hole in the toe, and role your sock until there’s nothing left to role. (It should resemble a swollen hair band with a small hole in the middle).

Step Two

Pull your hair back into a ponytail at the spot you want the center of your bun to be. Next pull your hair through the center of the rolled sock, and make sure you don’t leave any part of your ponytail behind.

Step Three

Spread your hair over the sock in all directions so that none of your sock shows. It helps if you lean forward so that your soon-to-be-bun is parallel to the ground and gravity is on your side. No need to mess with Mother Nature. Secure your hair with a hair-band around your hair and sock.

Step Four

Now your bun is almost perfect. The last step is to pin the ends of your hair after they’ve been wrapped around the outside of the bun. Then allow hair spray to become your best friend.

Mix It Up

To add some flavour to your bun and make it ready for crazy parties, or just a day out with your friends, you can add a braid  before you bring your hair into a pony-tail. Or, if you have nothing to do with your bangs, pin them back into a poof at the top of your head for that super-model “chic” look.

What Do You Think?

As strange as a sock in your hair might sound, will you give this look a try? Let us know how it turned out in a comment below!

Author: Tianna Janiece


  1. jessica says:

    good info, going to try it some times.

  2. Haley says:

    I tried this and it didn’t work because the hair just kept falling out!!!!! It was really sad!!!:)

  3. SYDNEY says:


  4. Yasmin says:

    This is really not a great idea, no offence but you can do the same bun with out a sock or anything, plus the girl in the picture like really the bun is nothing like what you’ve written it …
    and just wanted to say that all you girls commenting i did it in 2 minutes or even one minute, like really.. this is shouldnt take you like 30 seconds, especially without a sock bun.
    And for the girls that say they’re hair is to long,i dont know what your whining about, the longer the hair, the better the bun..


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