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Feng Shui is a decorating technique that has become such a popular trend not only in decorating but in also creating a lifestyle. The whole idea with practicing feng shui is creating an environment with harmony and balance. Feng Shui can be used in almost any space that you use on a daily basis. Some people may have decorators come into their house and show them how to add feng shui into their home but here are a few simple tips and tasks that you can do yourself.

Five Key Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is made up and based off of five different key elements. All of these elements come from nature and all have different meanings. The five elements are fire,earth,water,wood,and metal. Each of these elements are associated with colors and shapes which can be incorporated into your living space.

  • Fire is represented by anything with a triangle shape and can be expressed with the colors red and orange.
  • Earth is anything square shaped and deals with the colors yellow and brown.
  • Water has an irregular shape and is with blacks and dark blues.
  • Wood is represented by rectangular shapes and is green and blue colors.
  • Metal is anything round or oval shaped and has metallic finishes and contains the colors white and grey.

Adding some of these colors and shapes into your living spaces will automatically enhance the harmony and balance in the room for a more peaceful life.

Fun Ways To Add Feng Shui To Your Space

Many of us have had experiences that have had a negative outcome on our lives and that negativity has a tendency to linger in your living space. Once way to get rid of these negative energies to burn white sage around the room to clear the air of negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Another quick and inexpensive thing to do is to purchase a lucky bamboo plant and place it in a yellow vase to increase wealth and prosperity. Pink is known as the color of love and romance in feng shui. It has been said that if you wear something pink for nine consecutive days that your love and romance will increase.

Adding Feng Shui to your life is as easy as putting on a pair of pink shorts. Who knew?

The most important thing to do when adding some feng shui to your living space is make sure that there is no clutter because clutter adds stress. A lot of this tips are quick, easy, and inexpensive and can have a whole new impact on your life.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried Feng Shui? Is this a new idea to you? Try some of these things out and let us know how they work!

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  1. avatar Lis says:

    A quick feng shui tip in order to find a job soon would be to put your sneakers, heels, boots, flats, whatever it is you wear as footwear, facing your room door. This signifies you’re going somewhere, and making some moolah while at it! :)

  2. avatar alli says:

    I think that if you truly believe it will work, then it will. If you don’t, then it won’t! I’m the latter, but a great post and good to read about things that are a bit left of centre!

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