Shopping, decorating, going home, wrapping and the thought of relatives are all things that can make the winter holidays stressful.  Here’s a Christmas countdown to help you get everything done without running out of time.

6 weeks to go… (Sat. 13th November)
Step 1: Figure out a budget

– Let’s be realistic girls, we’re students, and spending a fortune is not a good idea.  Work out how much you can afford to spend for the Christmas period, and don’t forget to include things like meals out and outfits for both Christmas and New Years Eve parties.
Step 2: Make a list
– Start thinking about who you need to buy for, and then figure out at least roughly what you’d like to get.  Start with the most important people, like close family, friends and partners, then on to friends you aren’t so close to and relatives you have no idea what to buy.
Step 3: Going home?

– If you’re going home for the holidays, book your train/plane/bus/lifts as early as possible.  You might also want to think about whether you’ll be celebrating with friends/flat mates before you go, by cooking together or going out.


5 weeks to go… (Sat. 20th November)
Step 1: Supplies

– Picking up things like wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags and cards now will avoid the holiday rush and give you more choices.  It also means you can start wrapping as soon as you’ve bought stuff.
Step 2: Check your address book

– Think about how many people you’re sending cards to so you know what size box to get.  If you’re posting any, check your address book is up to date.  One other important thing – check the spelling of people’s names, you never know who spells their Lily with one L or two, and who spells Hayleigh/Hayley.


4 weeks to go… (Sat. 27th November)
Step 1: Hit the shops

– This bit can be both fun and stressful…start shopping! No explanation necessary.
Step 2: Wrap it up

– Whenever you can, wrap what you’ve bought as soon as possible as this will save you worrying later.
Step 3: Cookies?

– If like me, you love to bake (and more importantly, eat) but don’t want to worry about cooking in the few days before you leave for home/right before Christmas itself, why not try baking things you can freeze.

3 weeks to go… (Sat. 4th December)
Step 1: Cards

– Send out Christmas cards
Step 2: Postage
– Try and post any gifts by the 10th so they have plenty of time to arrive

2 weeks to go… (Sat. 11th December)
Step 1: Decorate

-Make your flat/room look festive to put you in a good mood
Step 2: Secret Santa

– If you’re doing a secret Santa within your group of friends/flat now would be a good time to swap gifts

1 week to go… (Sat. 18th December)

Step 1: Pack

-If, like most of us, you’re going home for the holidays, make sure you’ve packed all the clothes, books, money, cards and gifts so that you don’t need to stress the day before you leave.
Step 2: Last minute wrapping

– Those presents you’re taking home with you for the family, the ones you still haven’t wrapped? Do those now.


  1. avatar Jage says:

    This is brilliant, I love how everything is broken down by weeks and then into easy steps within that timeline. .

  2. avatar Irina says:

    Wow thank you so much for this! i will definitely be using this :)

  3. avatar Charlotte says:

    Aaah this is so amazing!!
    I am so glad this year that me and two groups of my friends are doing secret santa, and I’m glad to have gotten to that age now where my friends and I can say “okay, let’s just do birthday presents this year” especially as everone is turneing 21!
    I’m definitely going to be trying to get as much as I can online this year- especially because I fly home on 24th December so I don’t have much time to shop when I get home adn I don’t want to lose space in my suitcases for clothes with presents!!


  4. avatar Marcus says:

    Great advice. I’ll bookmark this page for my daughter.

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