healthy mozzarella sticks

Who says our favorite cheesy foods have to be off limits? Mozzarella sticks are awesome for every occasion, and make for a delightful snack that most of us have been accustomed to since childhood. Now that we’re mature college girls who are more health conscious, we can still have the cheesy snack we all love, guilt-free! Read on for instructions on how you can DIY these delicious healthy mozzarella sticks!

What you need

  • 12 sticks of string cheese in your choice of cheese, go for the low sodium kind if you want to be extra healthy
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp of flour
  • 5 tbsp of bread crumbs
  • 2 tbsp of parmesan cheese
  • A dollop of olive oil, or cooking spray



  1. Cut the cheese sticks in half, making 24 slices, then freeze the slices in the freezer until completely frozen
  2. Beat the egg in a small bowl. Use a separate bowl to combine the bread crumbs and parmesan cheese
  3. To bread the cheese sticks: First dip the frozen cheese stick into the flour, then into the egg, then into the bread crumb mixture
  4. Once all of the 24 sticks are coated, place them on a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil coated with a few drops of olive oil or sprayed with cooking spray (this will keep cleanup to a minimum, and keep the sticks from sticking!)
  5. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 4 minutes, or until crisp. They need to be watched closely so they don’t melt completely!

What makes them healthier? They’re home cooked with less butter, they’re baked instead of fried, and cheese sticks are a naturally lower calorie cheese snack. You can also add italian spices or herbs to the recipe, adding them into the bowl with the breadcrumb mixture. Serve with marinara sauce and enjoy!

Have you tried this mozzarella stick recipe?

What do you think? What are your favorite healthy substitutions to make while cooking? Leave us a comment below!


Author: Anna Patrick


  1. Bethany reininger says:

    Just tried them and they are yum!!

  2. Allison says:

    Can I freeze these after doing the bread coating? I’d like to make them ahead of time for a party. Thanks!!

    • Anna Patrick says:

      I haven’t personally tried it myself, I’m sure you could and then just microwave them for minute? Not sure how the cheese would hold up, you might want to experiment with this beforehand!

  3. Meg says:

    These were great…used panko and wheat crumbs.

  4. Anna Patrick says:

    Thank you Ella, that was precisely what I intended with the “health” tagline!

  5. Ella says:

    Healthy is used as in “healthier than the store bought kind”! Lighten up, ladies. If all you have to do in your day is sit around and critique a fun, easy recipe, than you need… more to do… That is the nicest way I can put it. If people can’t use their own judgment that this is a “sometimes food” and not an every day snack, then that’s their own issue.

    But I will make them and enjoy them and not feel the least bit guilty!

    Enjoy your carrots and celery, you healthy people.

  6. sarah says:

    Healthy Mozz sticks…low sodium string cheese and baking instead of frying…really? That’s suppose to be healthy? Lets get real ladies, this may taste amazing but its certainly not guilt free.

  7. Tonya says:

    I made these tonight…. Yuck! They melted before they got crispy, Its hard to explain but the egg wasnt cooked all the way. I followed the recipe to a T. Maybe i did somthing wrong who knows but they were not good.

  8. Jessie says:

    I used reduced fat cheese it doesnt melt as easily and you can leave them in the oven longer so they get really crunchy!!

  9. Maya says:

    I just love this! It worked out great and I added rosemary crushed leaves to the bread crumb mixture. I will be making this a lot.

  10. Monique says:

    These were ok for my first try. I did double coat them (After the first coat in the crumbs i passed it in the egg again and back in the crumbs) and that helped but I cooked them too much :) oops! I didn’t like my breadcrumbs so I am going to try a different kind when I go shopping. But overall this was simple.


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