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‘Tis the season… for swimwear. Well, almost! But it’s never to early to start looking for your new favorite go-to bikini for the summer months. What better motivator to get us through the last month of the semester, right?


Find your perfect size

When it comes to bikinis, the right fit is crucial. The first general rule is just to know thyself – accept whatever size works best for you, and don’t panic if it may be a bigger size than what you were expecting, as swimsuits usually run smaller.

To be on the safe side, avoid buying a bikini online unless they have a good return policy. Every suit has a unique fit just like every body is unique, and it’s hard to tell if it fits like a glove when all you have to go on is a picture. Also, bodies are usually not created equal when it comes to proportions. Your top and bottom sizes will most likely be completely different, in some cases even opposite.

So don’t judge yourself, wearing the size that’s just right for you instead of the size you think you need goes a long way, and will compliment your natural body shape!


Try something edgy

Why not use your swimsuit to make a fashion statement? Unique and edgy one piece suits can be sexy and fun – except for the awkward tan lines! Many one pieces that have a narrow strip down the center of the suit, which can give you an elongated look and are very flattering and slimming as well.

Trying a different color or cut on any suit is a great way to add a little flare. The go-to Victoria’s Secret offers many suits that have just that: bandeau bikini tops with jewels in the middle, anyone? (A warning on those, if you’re wearing them while laying out any metal embellishments can burn!)


Look in boutiques

Victoria’s Secret is great, but if you want a unique look that no one else will have, try a local boutique! Small, one of a kind shops offer unique pieces at prices that are often a bargain compared to large retail stores. Also, the variety is great, and you never know what you’ll come across.


Be in the right state of mind

I’m a big believer that your state of mind can really make or break your swimsuit shopping experience. Avoid looking for swimsuits on a day that you’re on your period or if you’re feeling bloated, or if you’re just not in a good mood. And every day is different, so listen to how you’re feeling.

Love yourself and every suit you try on you’ll love. Because after all, the suit isn’t wearing you, you’re wearing it – you make it stand out, and not the other way around. Fashion allows you to make a statement, so let your body speak.



What do you think?

What are your swimsuit shopping tips? Where is your favorite place to get bikinis? Do you have a go-to suit that you can’t live without? Share with us in the comments section below.

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