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Being brought up in a a large family hasn’t always been a walk in the park. It has its pros and cons, as everything in life does, but more often than not the cons are in the spotlight. Following are a few ideas to keep in mind to have fight, grumble, and kick- free days.

Take “my space”

No, not the MySpace of the internet world, but a place in the house where you can just sit back and relaxed. For most, this is quite difficult if you share a room with one of your siblings. But peace and tranquillity can come in the most random of places in the house – in the laundry room while sitting on the washing machine, or perhaps in the garage? Or literally sitting in the bath? The possibilities are endless if you really stop to think about it. My personal favourite is underneath the stairs leading to the roof.

Create a chore list

At home we are constantly arguing about whose turn it is to do what, and we end up arguing and in the end the dishes are still dirty, the beds still undone and the clothes are still wrinkled in the washing machine… A chore list is the way to go. It might seem regimental but in the end it ensures that chores are done tout suite, and that means you leave house to meet your friends MUCH sooner!

Practice patience… or anger management techniques

I always feel that instead of blowing up and snapping at my brothers, reciting  the numbers backwards from 10 to one or saying the alphabet backwards in my head really helps. I really feel that this keeps me from going crazy on my brothers! It takes time and patience, especially if a comment passed is a nasty one, but take the higher road – especially if your parents are looking on because they would see that you were the bigger person!

Find a common TV show

Set some weekly time to bond with your siblings. My brothers and I share the same interest in The Vampire Diaries, though I’m convinced they don’t watch it for the same reasons as I do,  and we make sure to watch it together on a Friday evening. In that 43 minutes, not only do I get my fix of Ian Somerhalder, but the entire time my brothers are quiet and drooling over Nina Dobrev, and therefore completely ignoring me!

Treat yourselves out

Just like watching The Vampire Diaries together, cinema trips with siblings are an opportunity to bond with them without literally having to chat with them. You bond over the scary moments, the drama and the “haha” parts! Also you are together in public that diminishes the possibility  for strangling each other!


These tips are not out of this world, but they do make a difference. Living in a house with a family of seven is no picnic, and let me tell you that I know the alphabet backwards by heart now!


What do you think?

Do you have a lot of siblings or a big family? What is your favorite way to bond? How do you settle disputes? Share your story in the comments section below!

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  1. Cheyenne says:

    me and my brothers dont bond well…….and it is only my fault I am who is to blame! I told sex affend on them and it was not true. I did it to try and get closer to my dad. Me and my dad were like two sticks in the river…………always beside each other. Now he got married to my step mom and don’t get me wrong she is awsome but she kinda draws my dad’s attention away from me and I will addmitte it…………….I cant stand it i am still after 5 years still not used to the fact I am not daddys little main princess. My brothers dont want anything to do with me. It has been this way for about 2 or 3 years……..since I said my lie. I also need someone to tell me how to make a thing like this. My own topic of a page.

  2. Molly says:

    My brothers and I bond over baseball. We’ll usually make it out to one or two Rangers games together each season, just the three of us, and usually a few more with our parents in tow. It also gives us a lot to talk about even during the off season.

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