Who doesn’t love Cosmo cover girl hair? It has everything a girl wants in her own hair – bounce, shine, and volume. A good shampoo or hair mask used in regular routine can achieve the first two fairly easily, but volume is a coveted treasure that many girls spend a lot of prep time, and money on products, to obtain. With these tricks you can skip on the added preparation time and products, for the most part, and be one step closer to that cover girl hair you have always wanted.

Find a volumizing product that works for your hair type

Sure, expensive volumizing products can be found just about anywhere, but why spend the extra bucks if it doesn’t work for you? A heavy volumizing root-lifting treatment meant for thicker hair could flatten thinner hair, as it will become greasy and won’t take to the product as well.

Instead, find a volumizer that works for your hair type. For optimal results, apply at the root then aim your blow dryer at the root while you hold your hair straight up with your fingers.

Change your part

Once your hair line gets used to a certain part it can become flat and dull. A quick volume fix involves simply changing up your part! Either flip your part to the other side, or, if you part in the middle, pick an off-center part to lift your roots. I’ve gotten into the habit of never giving my hair an “official” part, I just let it fall where it wants to and I run my fingers through it so tussle it and flip it to the other side every so often.

Don’t over wash

If you want max volume, washing your hair every day is a deal breaker. It strips your hair of essential oils needed to keep your hair healthy, and build a little natural lift at the root. Washing extensively will dry out your hair, which not only zaps volume but makes it harder for products to be effective. Ever wonder why your hair stylist before a formal stylings asks you to come in with second-day hair?

If your hair gets really greasy and you need a wash, opt for dry shampoo instead. Most dry shampoos even have their own volumizing kick to them.

Tease a little at the crown

Warning: the key word here is “little,” unless you’re going for a Jersey Shore look. To back comb, simply take a flat brush or paddle brush, hold your hair at the crown straight up, place the brush into the middle of the second and come downward. Try not to tease too often, because teasing too much can damage your hair.

What do you think?

Have you tried our tips? What is your favorite way to get volume? Let us know in the comments section below!


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