College can bring a whole host of new experiences and life can be very different when you’re living away from your family and the support network that you’ve grown up with. For many students, college is often the first place they’ll start dating and though that can be really exciting, it can also feel overwhelming at times.

Bear these tips in mind when you’re on the college dating scene.


1. Go out with someone, but don’t let that define you


When you first start seeing someone, it can be all-consuming. But be careful to be true to yourself and not just part of a couple, where you make your life fit in around his. Do things that you want to do as well as enjoying spending time together. Keep your own interests and hobbies going, and don’t lose sight of the goals that you have.


2. Don’t change who you are

If you really like someone, you may find that you act differently to get them to like you back. But the person you start seeing should appreciate you for who you are; you shouldn’t need to change to be loved. If this means letting the guy of your dreams slip through your fingers, so be it, there are – as the old saying goes – plenty more fish in the sea. And the ones who like you as you are, are always going to be the best ones to be with.


3. Define your personal space

It may seem really convenient to go out with someone who’s sharing the same dorm building as you, especially when you’re in the first flush of romance. But at a later date, you may appreciate having a little more distance between him and you; to give each other space to spend time with your own friends and, of course, if you break up and aren’t an item any more.


4. Decide if you’re compatible 

When you meet someone at college, you may not know that much about them. The chances are that they’ve grown up in a different city, and that none of your social networks have ever come into contact until you meet for the first time. So you’ll only discover what kind of a person they are by getting to know them.


Some people like to have a bit of a head starter here and that’s where looking at their star sign and its compatibility with yours might come in handy. For example, if you’ve fallen for a Cancerian, it’s worth knowing that typical traits of a Cancer man include being sensitive and romantic, and that they don’t usually look for a quick fling. This is the kind of guy your mom would love – he’s more likely to be looking for a potential wife and mother of his children, than a flash-in-the-pan romance. Decide what you want out of a relationship and, as much as you can, avoid heading along the wrong track.


5. Don’t be in a rush to pair off


Sometimes it might feel like everyone you know is going out with someone, and you’ll feel peer pressure to become half of a couple. But life as a single girl can be a lot of fun too. That way, you can call the shots all of the time, deciding how you spend your free time, without worrying how it will affect anyone else. Being a free agent means you can do what you want at a moment’s notice, without needing to consult. You have many years ahead of you when you can settle down and be in a long-term relationship. In many ways, surrounded by people around your age who all want to have fun, your college years are ideal ones to be spent as a singleton.

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