Summer Fish Bowl Drink

As college girls, we may have encountered a fish bowl or two… and hopefully remembered the tale. But regardless, fish bowls make the perfect summer drink because they’re refreshingly sweet and can be shared with friends on a hot summer night.

And the great thing about fish bowls you make yourself? The amount of alcohol you put in is completely up to you. We may have learned a thing or two from that past experience.

What you need

Vodka5 ounces
Malibu Rum5 ounces
Blue Curacao3 ounces
Sweet-and-sour mix6 ounces
Gummy Swedish FishA handful
Nerds candy1/2 cup
Lime slices3 slices
Lemon slices3 slices
Orange slices3 slices
Sprite16 ounces
Pineapple juice16 ounces
Fish bowl (Don’t forget the fish bowl!)1 (required)


  1. Prepare the fish bowl: Sprinkle the Nerds candy at the bottom of the bowl to create the “gravel” for your fish.
  2. Add ice and gummy fish: Fill the bowl with ice to about one or two inches below the rim, adding in the Swedish fish as you go.
  3. Mix the ingredients: Add all of the liquid ingredients (vodka, Malibu rum, blue Curacao, sweet-and-sour mix, Sprite, and pineapple juice) to the fish bowl.
  4. Add fruit slices: Place the lime, lemon, and orange slices into the mixture.
  5. Insert straws: Stick several 18-inch straws into the fish bowl, making sure not to press them into the Nerds candy at the bottom.
  6. Enjoy responsibly: Share with friends and have a great summer night!

Note: To adjust the alcohol content, simply modify the amounts of vodka, Malibu rum, and blue Curacao, and make up the difference with additional Sprite.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this recipe! Have you tried it? What’s your favorite summer drink? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. avatar Gill says:

    What does blue curacao taste like? And the sweet and sour is it nice? I’m wanting the make a fish bowl bug wondering if anyone’s used any other drinks than the usual

  2. avatar Stacy Potts says:

    Any liquor store or grocery store has it.

  3. avatar deanna says:

    Yeahhhh where do you buy the sweet and sour mix.

  4. avatar Denise says:

    If I wanted to make this for a big party, kinder like a jungle juice, how much of everything would I need. Like bid I was gonna use the entire bottle of vodka.

  5. avatar ROBIN says:


  6. avatar Emily says:

    This is not blue. This is green. Why is it green?

  7. avatar Erin says:

    Does anybody know of a way to make this with out the pineapple juice??? im allergic and this looks really REALLY good!!

    • avatar Stacy Potts says:

      You could sub with either oj or just leave out the pineapple all together.Personally I would leave out the pineapple and just use more sour mix and sprite.

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