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For most of us, going away to college is the first time we’ll be set free into the big wide world. The possibilities are endless; all the new friends we’ll make, the wild parties we’ll go to and all the life lessons we’ll learn. Yet, even the most confident of Freshman will miss home and all its comforts from time to time. It’s completely natural no matter who you are, you’re going to find being in a new environment a little strange.

Never fear! We at Every College Girl have got you covered. The absolute best plan for dealing with homesickness is to turn your dorm from a lifeless room to a comfy, welcoming home. This is totally possible when sharing a place too, remember half that dorm is yours so make the most of it! So here are the five best ways to make your college room feel like home.

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One of the hardest parts of moving away to college is leaving behind your best friends. You’ve been through it all with those girls and all of a sudden they aren’t there. Now, you can either kidnap them and force them to live in your new dorm room or make a beautiful picture college of all your favorite memories together (I would go with the second choice!).

Whenever you’re feeling a little homesick all you’ll have to do is look at your wall and before you know it, you’ll have a big cheesy smile on your face remembering all the great times you had. Leave some space on your collage though, you’ll be making a ton of new best friends and will want room to add all your first semester memories too!


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The first thing you’ll notice about your new room is that the lighting is a little off and by off, I mean pretty awful. Not to worry though, that can be fixed in a heartbeat! Your best option is to go for three light sources to create that welcoming, homely feel to your room. You might want to bring along your favorite lamp from home, invest in some fairy lights to hang over your bed or go all out and purchase a lava lamp.

Don’t forget, you won’t likely be paying utility bills so make the most of it, it won’t happen again! If you are sharing your dorm, maybe team up with your roommate and come up with your own original lighting ideas. Check out this Pinterest page to get your creativity flowing!

Keep Your Room Tidy

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You’ll soon understand why your mom and dad nagged you so much about keeping your room tidy. It is really draining coming home from a long day’s work and being greeted with a messy home. You will feel so much better about your dorm room if you keep it clean and managed, I promise! Even science says so, studies show that having a clean room improves your focus, creativity and mental health.

Back at home your house was probably always pretty tidy and by simply cleaning your room up every day, it can make your new home feel like your old one! There’s some great tips out there too, from getting little storage boxes for putting under your bed to buying an over-the-door shoe shelf, ensuring sure you don’t trip over your heels late at night!

Also, if you’re sharing your dorm, your roommate will thank you if you keep the place tidy!

Bring Your Favorite Teddy

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Sure you grew out of your stuffed toys many years ago but that doesn’t mean they’re not still the perfect comforter for those days when you’re feeling a little homesick. No matter how old you are, a cuddle with your favorite teddy can make everything better. You don’t have to go crazy and bring all of your stuffed pals with you too, if you like, just bring the one that holds the happiest memories!

Don’t worry about people judging your teddy either. You can bet they have at least one in their room, even if it’s hidden away! Plus, as long as they don’t take up too much room in your dorm, guys will find them cute

Pack Lots of Home Treats

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There is nothing quite like having a warm cup of coco on a cold winters night or indulging in your mom’s famous chocolate brownies whilst in your PJs, watching a great chick-flick. That’s why it’s a great idea to bring along as many home treats as you can to college! Whether it’s a batch of your favorite mac and cheese or your grandma’s delicious apple pie, some good food can take all your homesickness away. An added bonus, tasty food will make your room smell great!

Food can be an amazing way to make new friends and break the ice too. Be prepared to be the most popular girl in your dorm halls with the help of some yummy snacks. Once you run out, you can always ask your parents for the recipe and next thing you know, you’ll be a professional cook!

So there you have it, five of the best ways to make your dorm room feel like home. If you follow these tips you’ll soon fall in love with your college room and will never want to leave!

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