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Whether you’re jetting off to some exotic location or traveling back home, spring break packing doesn’t have to seem more daunting than midterms. Packing light may seem like the Goliath of trip planning, but efficient tips and tricks to keep your load light means less laundry, less hauling extra weight around, and less chance of hitting that dreaded overweight baggage charge.


Plan your outfits by the day

By planning outfits for each day you eliminate overpacking and excess items of clothing. I make a post-it note for every day of the trip, and include a day outfit, a going out outfit for night time, and sleepwear. This also eliminates unfolding and wrinkling clothes unnecessarily by aimlessly looking through your suitcase for something to wear.


Look up the weather

Half of packing smart is dressing smart, bulkier winter-related items take up extra space, so a simple weather check before packing can add a practical edge to your outfit selections. If it’s only projected to rain for one day, do you really need those rain boots?


Bring a lot of black and neutral colors

Blacks and neutrals go with everything, so it’s easier to mix and match clothing and accessories if you stick to the basics. One great pair of black heels can get you far in terms of outfit selection.


Make cuthroat decisions

A great lesson I learned about packing from studying abroad is this the divide and conquer strategy – after you have chosen everything you want to pack, fold and lay out your choices before actually putting them in the suitcase. Then only pack half. One pair of black jeans, one pair of light jeans, and one pair of medium-dark jeans is all it takes. One black skirt and multiple tops that work with it do the trick every time. If you’re stuck between two of the same thing, pick your favorite one, or the less bulky choice.


Conserve space

A great way to conserve space within your luggage is to put smaller items within bigger items. Roll up socks, underwear, and sports bras and stuff them in sneakers, boots, heels, or between items. Even rolling things up and putting them in jacket pockets is a great way to save space.



What do you think?

Are you going anywhere fun for spring break? What are your best packing tips? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Love this! I’m currently studying abroad and bound for Morocco next week, so I’ll definitely make use of these tips! Here’s another tip: if you’re traveling with a friend, try to share stuff! Even if you don’t wear the same clothing size you can share accessories like scarves and toiletries. This really helps cut down on your luggage!

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