Don’t you hate it when you have an outfit all planned out in your head, fifteen minutes to throw it on, and you realize your top or jeans is at the bottom of your dirty laundry hamper? Of course you should always opt to wash your clothes properly when you can, but sometimes you just haven’t had a chance to get your G-T-L on, and you really want to squeeze out one last wear out of that garment without washing it.

I know I’ve been there, and if you have too, read on for my secret way to refresh your clothes for one-time wear in minutes:

Step 1: Treat

To start, treat any stains on the garment individually. Try not to get the whole thing wet, just the area that needs attention. A “Tide To Go”, or similar stain-removing stick works great. Apply the stain remover, then use a wet cloth to dab at the area until it’s clean.

Tide To Go, 3-Pack

Step 2: Refresh

Next, spritz the garment with a fabric refresher, like Febreze, all over. Don’t use perfume that is not designed for fabric, as the scent will actually make the garment less fresh.

Step 3: Dry

Throw the piece of clothing in a dryer on high, with a fabric softener sheet, and a clean towel for 10 minutes. The towel helps absorb any moisture and sweat, while the softener sheet refreshed and adds a light scent.

Downy Simple Pleasures Dryer Sheets, Lavender Serenity

Step 4: Enjoy

Let the item cool down and you’re ready to rock your refreshed gear! Just make sure to wash it next time.

What Do You Think?

Do you have any secret methods for refreshing dirtier clothing? I’ve heard of sticking jeans in the freezer, have you ever tried it? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. avatar pumpsznpatron says:

    wow so dang helpful. i jus buy new clothes cuz i cnt find or have time for washing. i cnt afford sometimes either. im doin this. not often but sometimes i do wake up outfit in mind ready to get dressed and my jeans or shirt will be all the way at the bootom of my dirty clothes bag sheeeeeesh. not advisble for underwear.

  2. avatar celina says:

    i like to do a quick iron and febreeze, that way it smells clean and looks/feels straight out of the dryer, without taking so much time or using so much energy

  3. avatar Jessica says:

    Such a great web! And I love the article. Congratulations

  4. avatar candygirl says:

    Awesome! Such a unique article.

  5. avatar Annie says:

    Great tips!
    I have a problem with getting sweat spots under the arms of my clothes. So I spray them down with white vinegar before I wash. It works wonders! But you have to wash in hot water.

  6. avatar Charlotte says:

    great article!!
    i need to get some febreeze- i hate washing!!

    Charlotte xxx

    • avatar Brandy says:

      Make your own! Dilute liquid fabric softener in a spray bottle. The amount is up to you. I generally do 2 ounces fabric softener, and fill the bottle with water. If you like to change scents often, use dryer sheets. They store easier then big bottles. Put the desired amount of dryer sheets in a bowel, and fill with water. Wait about ten minutes, and pour the liquid in to a spray bottle. This is also a great replacement for Downy Wrinkle Releaser, who’s primary ingredient is fabric softener.

  7. avatar Ashlee says:

    I LOVE this article! This always happens to me with my jeans.

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