Going thrifting is an excellent way to bulk up your wardrobe without going broke. Whether you need outfit basics or wild statement pieces, local thrift stores have it all (provided you know how to look)! At times it can be frustrating shifting through rack after rack of not-so-desirable items, but sometimes an article of clothing that’s at first uninspiring can be transformed into something incredible. Here are some items to look out for next time.

Oversized (or Men’s) T-Shirts

Gone are the days that you feel like you’re drowning in every single shirt you try on. In this case, oversized shirts are your friend! Learning how to restyle a shirt can make all the difference. Simply find a shirt you like (softer fabrics have the best results) and cut a straight line across the neck so that it drapes off one shoulder. Then, tuck the bottom of the shirt into your pants or shorts, instantly creating a draping silhouette. You now have a completely unique article of clothing!

restyled shirt

Scuffed-Up Shoes and Boots

Most thrift stores have an abundance of beat-up looking footwear that seem to be run down when in reality are in great condition. Leather needs to be conditioned in order to maintain its shiny healthy look. So while a boot may look extremely damaged all it needs is a little TLC! Invest in some high-quality shoe polish and boot conditioner. You will be surprised by the difference it makes! Not only will your “new” shoes look fantastic but they will also last a lot longer once properly taken care of.


Tacky or Broken Jewelry

Usually the jewelry section at a local thrift store looks like something out of your grandmother’s closet. However, it can pay off to give that section a second chance. Many pieces of jewelry that at first look gaudy can be easily changed into something stylish and wearable. For example, a charm bracelet can be taken apart to make a number of pendant-style necklaces, each charm becoming the focus point of a different one. Plus buying loud jewelry can be used as statement pieces for any outfit, turning that one dollar charm into a dynamite accessory.


What do you think?

What are your thrift-store strategies? How do you decide what to buy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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