Who doesn’t love a good summer romance? Not only do you need a fun distraction from work, but summer flings are a great way to hone your flirting skills and boost your confidence before another year at school. Here are 5 tips on how to get guys to notice you this summer, no matter who your type is.

The Park Ranger

Gather a group of girlfriends together for a lazy afternoon picnic at the park. When you spy a cutie, set up a game of catch with a frisbee or football. Play up your lack of skill, then enlist the boys to help you land the perfect spin or toss. Not only does it break the ice, it allows the guys to show off their athleticism (even if it is only a Nerf ball) while playing the knight role to your damsel in distress.

The Lifeguard

If you’re daring enough, try this saucy move next time you’re at the beach: send your friends in the water ahead of you, then “accidentally” loosen your bikini top. Without your girls nearby to help, you’ve got no other choice than to ask the hottie on the towel next to you for some handy help. Just the idea of your near-nudity will have you stuck in his head all summer.

The Skater Boy

Head over to the nearest iced coffee vendor and ask for a double order. Then, approach your dude explaining that the barista accidentally made you an extra, and gave it to you at no charge, before offering it to him. He gets a free coffee and you get a sweet way to grab his attention.

The Busker

To catch the eye of the hot guy rocking the acoustic guitar, ask him to try his hand at a different art and snap a photo of you and your friend. Don’t fuss too much over how the photo turns out, the point is to break the ice so you can ask his name, and maybe even strum a few chords together.

The Local

If you’re headed on a summer vacation to a resort town or cottage country, ask your cutie for directions to a local attraction. If you want to amp it up a notch, ask him if there are any good parties that weekend, or spots where local kids like to hang out. Not only do you get a chance to hang out with hometown hottie, but you and your friends get a chance to meet all his friends, too. Bonus!

What Do You Think?

How do you get guys attention? Do you have your own sneaky tips on how to get guys to notice you? Are you more flirtatious in the summertime? Who are you crushing on this summer? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. avatar Suzanna says:

    great ideas! i like the bikini one ;) might have to try that move myself

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