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What’s not to love about spring break? The sun, the break from school, the travel, the food. But the last two don’t have to cancel out your previous weeks of spring break preparations. Enjoy yourself and a few indulgences with these tips on how to stay healthy and in shape in the midst of spring break travel.


Pack your own healthy snack packs

When hunger strikes and you’re surrounded by fast food options, there is still one last place you can turn to: a ready-made baggy of healthy snacks in your purse.

I like to fill a regular sandwhich bag with yummy and healthy foods that curb hunger like nuts, dried fruit, baby carots, apples, grapes, crackers, cracker with peanut butter or granola bars. Think of it as like a healthy snack trail mix!

This tip is particularly great for the airport, when hunger strikes at all of the most inopportune moments.


Stay in your healthy zone

The downfall of a lot of spring break travelers is the “I’m on vacation” mentality. And while that’s not an invalid statement, it doesn’t necessarily need to be used as a justifcation. Stay focused, indulge with a taste, but be realistic.


Water, water, water

Staying hydrated is key, and a lot of overeating is the result of actually being thirsty. Always carry a little bottle of water with you, it’ll keep your system cleansed, keep you cool if you’re in an exotic location, and keep your body on track.


Make smart choices

When on vacation I am a firm believer that there is no reason to ever turn down dessert, ever. Eat your sweets and enjoy life. If you want dessert, choose something with fruit in it, or a healthy alternative like sorbet. There is always a healthier choice that doesn’t put you on the sidelines when it comes to the sweeter things in life.


Enjoy yourself!

I’m a big believer that you should never beat yourself up about anything food-related. Even if you find yourself over indulging, so what? Drink lots of water to keep your body cleansed and start again tomorrow.

This is a great time to recharge, relax, and unwind from the first half of the semester.



What do you think?

What are your healthy travel tips? How do you stay healthy on vacation? Let us know in the comments section.

Author: Anna Patrick

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