Between work, lazing out on the beach, and catching up with high school friends, you will probably assume you won’t have time to think of your friends from college who all went home for the summer.
But, in fact, you will, and you will want to talk to them.
A little over a month ago, I emptied out my dorm room and packed 8 months of my life into my parents car, then returned to my life back in my hometown. In less than a week I was already missing the sound of chatter that was almost always present on my dorm room floor, and being able to run into some of my closest friends when I went to use the bathroom or make myself a snack. If you’re missing your college friends too, read on for all the tools you’ll need in order to keep in touch over the long summer break.


Probably the best way to stay in touch with your university or college friends is through social networking sites, especially Facebook. I can easily see what my friends have been up to by simply going through my newsfeed. It’s a bit stalkerish, but I can see who they’ve been messaging, what photos they’ve been posting, and any updates in their status that they’ve felt so inclined to share. In a less creepier way, I am able to message those of my friends who are on a different daily schedule than myself because of work or timezone differences.


Skype has also revolutionized how we can communicate with our friends. I’m not generally one to make “skype dates” but I do often have voice and/or video chats with friends from school during the week or on the weekend. The voice chats are great because it’s like talking on the phone, without nasty long distance fees, and the video chats really give you an opportunity to share how you’re doing. New haircut and no time to take pictures? No problem. If you haven’t got it yet, head over to to download the program for free!

Your Cell

Text messages are also such an easy way to stay in touch. It’s so easy to mention a simple funny thing to your friend without having to type up a wall post. I can even snap a picture of a funny sign or something silly on my travels and send it to a friend so we can laugh about it together.

Your Laptop

Emails are another speedy way of keeping in touch. Nothing is better than receiving a weekly update in your inbox on how another’s summer holidays are going. They’re not the quickest method of getting a hold of someone, but it’s a nice way to brighten someone’s day because it’s a bit more timely to create.

Pen & Paper

Speaking of timely, nothing beats a good ol’ letter. Yes, it’s slow. Yes, it takes time to write and send, but who doesn’t love receiving something on cute stationary in their mailbox. When was the last time you received a letter? I’m sure you’d appreciate one whenever and so will your friends! Snail mail is also the only way of sending presents to friends over the summer months.

What Do You Think?

Overall, it’s pretty easy to stay in touch with modern technology, so you shouldn’t lose track of how your friends are during over the 4 month break. How are you and your friends planning on staying in touch over the summer? Leave a comment and let me know!
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  1. avatar Meg says:

    Text messaging is my choice for keeping in touch with College friends..or anyone for that matter. And at 3c a minute with my Net10 R355C, I’m texting more than ever! Occasionaly, I do Skype but since I’m not always in front of my laptop, texting is still #1 in my book.

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