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New year’s resolutions are picked up and kicked out so fast these days. Whether it is to kick tummy troubles to the curb or to finish reading that Charles Dickens compilation, the vigorous excitement to defeat our challenge slowly fades with the hectic lives that we already have. The only question: how are we supposed to finish our goals? And the answer is simple: don’t set resolutions, make life changes… with these easy go to tips and tricks.


Kick the “year” goal to the curb. It takes weeks for the mind to make habit, so set a January resolution instead. The goal is smaller and easier to accomplish so you will be more likely to follow the dream. That will give you four intensive weeks of doing something great, and most likely (if you liked the goal in the first place) will stick around way longer than a measly year.


Be reasonable. You are not going to lose 50 pounds or five dress sizes in a month, and frankly you don’t want to! Chuck aside the “I want to be a Victoria’s Secret model” dream and rephrase it to be more positive with an easier implied set of rules. If you want to be skinnier,  change it to you want to be healthier. Setting a one-month goal of starting each meal with a salad will do a lot more in the long run then starving for a a few weeks before you give up the resolution.


Hypnotize yourself. Once you have your January goal, hypnotize yourself through routine to accomplish it. Want to be healthier? Set a daily time to work up a sweat. Leave a mandarin orange by your bedside, and eat it the second you wake up. Begin each meal with a glass of water. Want to finish a project? Set your alarm clock at noon each day and work on it for an hour. Every Day. Want to get back in touch with old friends? Write it on your calendar and call them up every Saturday or schedule a weekly brunch. If you work hard the first month at being rigorously involved, then your body and muscle memory will continue the work towards your goal for you in the following months.


Don’t over do it. Are you setting your daily/weekly duties as we speak? Just pick one method. Don’t attack your body and lifestyle with a ton of changes all at once. That will add hassle and deter your motivation for the one good goal, making you more likely to stress yourself out and give up on the change all together.


Like it? Love it? Do it again. When the one month is over and you feel on top of the world (because you stuck to your plan) then celebrate for a day and set another goal. You probably already had that one small change glued to your psyche, but keep working at it and possibly add on. So you worked every day on your art portfolio? Show off your good work to your friends. Let them tell you how awesome it is and resolve to add another half an hour each day. Or maybe you went the health route and drank a glass of water when you woke up, went to bed, and before each meal. Buy yourself an awesome pair of shoes (or if you are now obsessing a bedazzled water bottle) and add an hour of yoga to the regimen.



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